Giant68 08:27 19 Sep 2006

This is inspired by the thread on humourous recitations. When I was a little lad,my parents would take me, every now and then, from whereever we were living at the time to my grans in Nottingham. While staying there she would tell stories that she had lodged in her head. One of them started "At number 1 in Rabbit Row a crowd of bunnies lived, you know..." There was also another one about a tin soldier. Do any of you know these stories? or where I can find a transcript? I have googled them and can find references to the bunny one but no more. Do you know any different ones?


  Pesala 12:21 19 Sep 2006

You will find some stories here. I found it by Googling for "The Next Emperor", a favourite story: click here

  Giant68 17:22 19 Sep 2006


Thanks for that, I'll have a look later when I have some more time.


  Forum Editor 18:02 19 Sep 2006

a crowd of bunnies lived you know, the youngest one was Bobtail Bunny — he was so jolly and so funny ............

Altogether now!

  ade.h 18:05 19 Sep 2006

The stress has got to him.....

  anskyber 19:29 19 Sep 2006

Sad isn't it to see a grown man crack.

  Giant68 19:41 19 Sep 2006

...with trousers red and waistcoat yellow... or something like that!
I always wondered what it would take to make FE break!


  wolfie3000 20:19 19 Sep 2006

has the pcadvisor collective finally lost it?

  Giant68 20:34 19 Sep 2006

of all the things I've lost over the years I miss my mind the most!


  Forum Editor 22:40 19 Sep 2006

I was simply trying to help you with the story, and found that extra line somewhere on the web.

My mind is still rock-steady, and razor-sharp, even with tanks on the streets outside

  dlaw72 00:24 20 Mar 2011

I was told this story by my Grandfather and although my father knows most he can't remember it all. He's 67 now and he was 4 when he first heard it. He would love if anyone could fill in the gaps.

Rabbit Row

In no.1 in Rabbit Row
A crowd of bobtails lived, you know.
The youngest one was Bobtail Bunny
He was so jolly and so funny
With bright red coat and trousers yellow
I'm sure he looked a smart young fellow.

The bunnies went to school each day,
Their ABCs they learned to say.
They were taught by Dr. Owl so wise
With specks on beak and big round eyes.

One day when school was out at last
The rabbits, they ran out so fast
We'll play at hide and seek they cried
So Bobtail hurried off to hide.
He climbed into a hollow tree
Ha ha! he laughed they won't catch me.

He stayed in there a long long time
But out at last he had to climb.
In among the trees he peered
But all his friends had disappeared
And all he saw there was a frog
Who sat upon a hollow log....

Unfortunately that is all we have although there is at least one more verse in which Bobtail's father comes looking for him holding a lantern. Hopefully someone can finish it off.

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