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  Quickbeam 12:17 29 May 2007

I've just noticed a variation on the £9.99 pricing that fools no-one.

Laminate flooring priced at £19.99... & in very small writing .92m2. Now I've got to think what the sum is to compare it to items priced at m2!

  Quickbeam 12:43 29 May 2007

There's a point, now I'll have to go back to check if the packs are that size, or m2 priced to fool people... maybe I've got my suspicious head on today!

  TalYasis 13:05 29 May 2007

1 yd = 0.9144 m
1 yd2 =0.9144*0.9144 =0.8361 m2(square metre).

Therefore the shop means 0.92 squared and not square metres.They seem to be breaking the law here?

  Quickbeam 13:18 29 May 2007

Now it's got confusing. I assumed all packs were a standard size. Looking at B&Q online there is a variation from 1.2 sqm to 1.9sqm... & I thought it would be easy shopping 1 day after the bank holiday!

  lisa02 16:04 29 May 2007

Take a measurement of your floor with you and get quotes for all the different products from all those lovely sales people. You know the ones that'll bend over backwards to get your money, or if they think they're getting your money.

TalYasis they are not breaking the law.

Quote "Therefore the shop means 0.92 squared and not square metres.They seem to be breaking the law here?"

0.92 what squared??? The .92m2 means what it says... coverage will be 0.92 metres by 0.92 metres.

0.92m is 92 centimetres, ain't it? so you're 64cm2 short of one square metre.

  Cymro. 16:05 29 May 2007

Shopping is a complicated enough business as it is without having the stores trying to

confuse us with such things. If there isn't a law against it then there should be.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:47 29 May 2007

.92m x .92m seems fairly clear to me.


  wee eddie 17:30 29 May 2007

Had it occurred to you that the coverage of a Pack depends on a multiplication of the units it contains.

If the planks are 250mm wide but have a 15mm overlap you might arrive at such a figure.

It is rather up to you to do the maths. It's not exactly that complicated.

  Forum Editor 17:47 29 May 2007

There's certainly no law-breaking, that's a silly thing to suggest (I know you didn't, but someone did).

You either think the product is worth the money, or you don't - that's the only judgment you have to make. Nobody's trying to fool you - why would they want to do that?

  josie mayhem 17:49 29 May 2007

I doubt if you find they are breaking the law in any way, if you check the pack sizing then you will find that they added *Approximatley to the lable!

Miss leading, coundn't use it in a court of law, as it clearly states price/measurement and most stores give a equalivent metre mearsurement on the shelf product lable!

Another example where human perception is used, and that is with petrol or in my case diseal! at the momnet my garage is selling at 97.9p per litre, this can course agruments between me and huuby, as to me this is 98p per litre but to hubby he doesn't round it up he sees it has being 97p per litre! Who right and who's wrong?

  TalYasis 18:07 29 May 2007

"They seem to be breaking the law here?" - it was a question for Quickbeam to consider.
I have no idea what the shop was stating; I'm just showing the point that (0.92m)2 is not the same as 0.92m2 which,when I was at school,the latter represented square metres.

So if the flooring is 1yd2 then that should be advertised as 0.836m2 !

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