Store up to 10,000 films - but will you have...

  Stuartli 23:26 21 May 2009

...time to watch them all?

click here

Or even burn them to the blank DVD?

  Si_L 01:21 22 May 2009

By the time they come into mass production the technology will be there to burn them in good time.

I hope.

  wiz-king 06:54 22 May 2009

I wonder what the 'coaster' rate will be - tough luck if film 9,999 turns the whole thing into a nice shiny coaster.

  carver 08:08 22 May 2009

What happens when one of the kids says those famous words "dad it got scratched"

  jack 08:21 22 May 2009

But plain logic says -to me at any rate- that it is easier in human terms to see a rack of boxes each containing a selection of titles- rather than having to trawl through an endless menu - Why I would be asleep long before I found the title I though I might like.

ANNND- If its like much of the stuff I record- having sat twitching thew PVR menu for ten minutes - found the title of a film that I thought may interest me- five minutes in- conclude -what a load of Tosh - and back to my library book.

  laurie53 08:46 22 May 2009

It takes me all my time to find the track I want on my "CDs compiled to mp3" compilation, and that's just about a dozen per disc!

  Si_L 10:20 22 May 2009

I've got thousands of tracks ripped to my PC, if you have WMP go to the top right and it has a live search bar, it gives you results as you type, it shouldn't take more than a second to find the track/artist your after.

  interzone55 12:52 22 May 2009

Interestingly the first story about this technology said 300 DVDs worth of data on one disc

click here

The PCA says it's 2,000

click here&

Now the Telegraph says 10,000

This is Chinese whispers of the worst kind...

  Si_L 13:01 22 May 2009

On a huge scale Alan ;)

  Stuartli 15:09 22 May 2009

Actually the Telegraph story goes even further(!):

"Professor Min Gu, who led the research in Melbourne, Australia, aims to eventually produce discs that could contain as much data as 200,000 DVDs."

Makes my 320GB internal and 400GB external hard drives seem very insignificant...:-(

  peter99co 17:00 22 May 2009

Wait till the local government office puts all their data on one and the loses it.

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