Stop the abuse.

  thospot 12:18 25 Dec 2005

I have just read one of the above threads about the reactions of people when losing after playing on line games.
Some of you suggest that it is a waste of time banning these people because they just start again with a new name.
They have to use their computer to play the game in the first place so could not the connection from that particular computer be banned in some way?. Would that be considered oppressive?.
There is such a lot of brilliant technology around nowdays and such a lot of clever people as shown by some of the subscribers to these pages, there must be something?....Just a thought.

  sharkfin 12:47 25 Dec 2005

I think what they do now is more than enough. I know that for counter strike, for example, will ban your account. so the player has to buy another game in order to play in the non-cheat servers.

If they did begin to ban using the IP address then i would assume there will be alot of angry customers. My cuzin cheated using my account and got me banned. Forcing me to buy a new game. If they had banned my Ip then i would of hd no way of playing again. lol

  SG Atlantis® 12:53 25 Dec 2005

depends on whether you have a static or dynamic IP address. Mine is dynamic so it changes every so often on ntl.

Having to buy a new game detterant is the best solution.

  thospot 13:16 25 Dec 2005

I was under the impression that there was nothing being done about these abusers but apparantly there is.... I don't know the diference between static or dynamic so can't comment. I was only interested because my 5 year old grandson comes to play on my computer and I managed to find 'David vs Goliath' for him which he has really taken to and I know that soon I will have to be buying real games for him and eventually he will be playing vs other people and I wouldnt like to have to suffer other peoples abuse..... Thanks for your replies..

Buying a new game deterent is incredibly effective and will be used more and more as game developers force users to create an online account specific to their product key to play online.

However, this can't be used for free online games such as runescape and I think banning by IP address (at least for a certain amount of time anyway) should be enforced which although is not 100% effective, it at least adds much more inconvenience which would deter some people.

Also, I have saw on a forum once where they place a cookie on your computer when your banned which stops you accessing the website. Ok, very easily overcome if you know how to but I bet there are plenty of people playing games like Runescape that are abbusive but wouldn't know how they've been blocked.

  Skills 01:37 28 Dec 2005

Static and dynamic are two different ways of assigning IP addresses to a computer. If you have a static IP address it is the same address all the time if you have a dynamic address it is assigned by your ISP when you connect to the internet and so can change from session to session.

They can and do ban IP addresses but as you can see if the person in question recives there IP address dynamically then they next time they connect to the internet they may not have the same address.

  PaulB2005 09:13 28 Dec 2005

The CD Key can also be banned. Some games generate Unique Hashes to identify PCs and these can also be locked out. 09:51 28 Dec 2005

Most IP address's are dynamic and are leased by the ISP for only a short time, static IP address's are more common on networks. This means that banning the IP address probably won't work. As mentioned ealier through, banning the CD key means the person needs to continually re-buy the game, which is probably the best way of solving the problem. Many online only games however, at least in my experience (not that I've ever been banned), only ban you for a short period.

  helmetshine 13:45 28 Dec 2005

Theres an anti-cheat for MOH:AA called DMW which bans by the MAC address i believe....still easy enough to get round but more effective than IP address banning.

The real shame is that these measure have to be implemented at all......i'll never understand the desire to cheat....i play MOH:AA quite a lot....sometimes i get good scores,more often than not i don't....but at least i know whatever the score is i really did get it......a cheat doesn't.

  thospot 21:23 28 Dec 2005

Although I am a bit too old for games now I am surprised at the ammount of interest there is in this topic. I know that when my grandson gets his teeth into that simple game I mentioned he really goes mad on it..
I can't see the point of cheating because what sort of satisfaction is there in that?. There cannot be any sort of self achievment for them.
Being abusive probably stems from the way these people have been brought up and their parents are probably the same..
Thanks for the explanation of "dynamic and static" addresses... Why would you want to keep changing your email address though?...

  Skills 21:51 28 Dec 2005

Not your email address your IP address each device that is attached to a network like the internet must have its own individual address so that it can be distingushed from other devices.

The number of IP addresses avaialable is actually running out so assigning them dynamically helps to overcome this problem.

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