Stock Market Trader's analysis

  Al94 13:53 27 Sep 2011

makes uncomfortable listening! and what he says makes a lot of sense but time will tell.

  Grey Goo 14:21 27 Sep 2011

Reminds me of a Snake Oil salesman trying to drum up trade. This parasite has his dreams, I also have a dream, but it would be deleted if I were to disclose it.

  spuds 15:12 27 Sep 2011

At least he is being open, and not like some bankers or governments who have and are still ignoring the warning signs?.

  wee eddie 15:26 27 Sep 2011

As an ex-Jobber, I feel that his analysis is sound but am not convinced by his Safety Net Plan. Government Bonds are fine until the Government defaults on them.

Having said that I have no copper bottomed plan of my own.

  zzzz999 06:23 28 Sep 2011

the guy is a morally corrupt spiv who has little understanding. These same clowns are the twats that dreamt up mathematical algorithms to allow non profits to be created from bad debt mortgages and we all know where that got us.

They know nothing. They have no special insights. All they know is how to be a parasite and he is trying to make being a parasite morally acceptable.

  wee eddie 12:27 28 Sep 2011

Rick'scafe, some are, some aren't.

Traders make their living by buying or selling in advance of other people. They have access to the same information as the rest of us but must try to make a realistic judgement of what will happen in the future.

If he's right then he'll make money, if wrong he'll loose it.

Personally, I would be selling Short at the present, or as he suggested, buying the Bonds of a Government that will not welch on them. Not Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Ireland, obviously. As I don't trust Cameron, I would not be buying UK Bonds either.

  spuds 13:03 28 Sep 2011

wee eddie

But where would you buy from, because it would appear that most governments are not being trusted, on the information that they are giving out?.

Even some parts of the USA are doubting the Presidency!.

Perhaps nearer to home, some of our local estate agents have started to raise house and property prices, when others have began to offer reduced prices.

Even the property developers are stopping projects due to failed funding arrangements. My local council planning office, is struggling to cope with new/revised planning applications on work that as been downsized from previous consent approvals. Very local to me is a small housing complex, that as had 5 developers fail. The banks have now completed the work, using a contractor who brought in Chinese and Eastern Bloc labour, so as to finish the project. It would appear that nobody, and that even includes the local councillor's, know what the bank's next moves are, on this project!.

  wee eddie 15:17 28 Sep 2011

spuds: That's the problem, if anyone knew the answer they'd end up without loosing their shirt!

  Autoschediastic 16:34 28 Sep 2011

Have a read of this guys!

Story Here

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