still 300 woolworth stores are still empty

  ronalddonald 11:41 24 Aug 2010

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which I thought was good considering they had 800 stores that closed down, Yet were used again for other business.

  Bapou 12:22 24 Aug 2010

Owners of Poundland are doing their best to remedy the situation.

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:16 24 Aug 2010

WE are in a recession in case you hadn't noticed and businesses are awaiting the October budget before making any moves.


  Armchair 10:05 28 Aug 2010

Tesco snapped up my local defunct Woolies, and opened an Express store. It's doing a roaring trade, and is much more useful than it's predecessor.

  Quickbeam 10:27 28 Aug 2010

There's an empty shop next to the bakers around the corner...

  jakimo 15:40 29 Aug 2010

Poundland are confident enough in their future that they don't have to wait for the October budget.

Many of their lines on sale are of well known brands,plus continuity supplies of confectionery & snack type products being well within their "use by" date,and very little of "Special purchase" offers,and with the local press claiming there are 2500 jobs up for grabs they must know something other retailers don't.

  jack 10:01 30 Aug 2010

Poundland and small Tesco,Sainsbury ASDA[as mentioned] plus Aldi and Lidl ,99p, Wilkinson,
with the demise of the remaining small general/hardware type store following- it is a continuous process
How ever so far as I am aware only one truly 'regenerated' 'Woolies' - Welllworths- somwhere on the south coast.
Any others to be found?

  wids001 11:28 31 Aug 2010

Chelmsford, Essex.

The large Woolworth store on the High Street is currently being converted into Barclays Bank.

Bad news .....

Once this "super branch" is opened towards the end of the year, most of the "local" branches in the surrounding area will close.

  Dragon_Heart 02:44 01 Sep 2010

.... Woolworths used to own their own stores. Then came massive redevelopments and the shopping centre would be moved so they sold off their stores but sometimes re-leased them back again.

Iceland have taken over some and our local one is now a store called B & M.

I fully agree with wids001 Bad news !

Wellworths was, I understand, a managment / staff buy out.

  interzone55 09:31 01 Sep 2010

In Rochdale our Woolworth's is still empty, but hopefully not for much longer as B&M Bargains are supposed to be moving in.

More worryingly, the Littlewoods unit has been empty since it closed in 2004, there's been many rumours about Primark moving in, but it's such a massive unit (around 100,000 sq ft across 4 levels) that no-one wants it.

Rochdale, like many other towns, is now dominated by "pound stores", charity shops, phone shops and pawn brokers. There's a few reasons for this and I can't see small town centres ever recovering.

Most people in Rochdale go to Bury 6 miles down the road, Manchester or the Trafford Centre. With this kind of competition there's no way a major retailer will invest in a shop that's unlikely to succeed...

  ella33 09:31 01 Sep 2010

Whichever town I walk through seems to have a boarded up Woolworths, in fact on a few occasions when I have visited somewhere I lived, or visited someone, my feet have taken me straight to Woolworths to find a pressie or stationary. of course, I find myself standing outside a boarded up shop. It is amazing how much I used Woolworths and not just as a "giant sweet shop", as was said when they closed. Finding lots of sheets, etc in nearby thrift shops which got the supplies has been a bonus but I still feel there is a hole in the highstreet.

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