The "Stig"'s number plate sold!

  Animalmagic 12:51 29 Sep 2008

who is he does anyone know..??
i didnt think UK number plates could use three letters first on the reg plates i thought it had to be followed by a number.?

click here

  Kev.Ifty 13:18 29 Sep 2008

'THE 571G' Is it me? 5 7 i g erm

How does that spell STIG?...... 10,000 quid!

For £10,000 I,d want a lamp shinning in the sky announcing my arrival like ya BatMan fella.

Ten grand for a reg?

  Quickbeam 13:52 29 Sep 2008

Some peoples idea of a personalised plate to read something or another pertinent to themselves, is so obscure to everyone else, that they've lost the 'street cred kudos' they thought it bought them:)

  interzone55 14:34 29 Sep 2008

Before the current series of number plates came in 2001 a valid UK plate had to be 3 letters, a number between 1 & 999 and a letter.

So "THE 571G" is a perfectly valid plate, providing it is displayed with the correct spacing, and the numbers are clearly 571 and are not mutated to look more like STI.

I've never understood the appeal of so called vanity plates. There's a woman in Rochdale with the number plate "P380 OBS" with the spacing changed and the 8 changed into a B so the plate reads "P3 BOOBS"...

  Condom 15:35 29 Sep 2008

I once saw a very nice pink cadillac in Chicago with the number PRTYNPNK which was very apt. I tried to get one years ago when they were very cheap as it would spell my last name (legally) but I was told that BRA plates were not issued because of the connection to ladies underwear. Maybe things have changed now but the plate I needed was circa 1966. I also heard that someone from the West Midlands recently spent a few hundred thousand on an Edinburgh plate which is now on a LADA or something like that. Beggars belief.

  Forum Editor 16:12 29 Sep 2008

who pay for personalised number plates. They (the plates) are the ultimate in tack.

  Chris the Ancient 16:21 29 Sep 2008

The other way (and cheaper way) is to change your name by deed poll to the same as your current number plate :-))

  Si_L 16:29 29 Sep 2008

The only personalised number plate I have seen that has impressed me was a black Mercedes that used to pop up around where I used to live, it was: SEXY

  JYPX 17:12 29 Sep 2008

Is it not more fun if you don't find out who he is!?
It did seem as though he had been unmasked at one point. The Health and Safety Executive report into the Richard Hammond accident talks about an individual who "worked closely with Top Gear as a high performance driver and consultant", and then, of course, names him! The guy named has denied that it is him....If you google it you may come to the conclusion that there are in fact several Stigs.

  Clapton is God 17:14 29 Sep 2008

"I have never understood people who pay for personalised number plates"

I agree wholeheartedly.

It's rather like those 'people' in Surrey who insist on driving a Chelsea tractor just in case they get leaf fall on their roads in Autumn.

I believe that it's something to do with a penile deficiency.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:30 29 Sep 2008

The epitome of vulgarity..truly, truly tacky.


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