Stick with the old or in with the new?

  donki 14:10 26 Oct 2006

How many people will actually upgrade to Vista, ive been thinken bout it today and I have to say XP is running really well for me and I doubt wheather il upgrade for at least a year? Is anyone gonna jump rite in?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:15 26 Oct 2006

I'll stick with xp for a while yet, but some of the regulars on here will be champing at the bit to get their copy when it's out.
I say this because I've not been that turned on by the thought of a new OS, but when I see it in action I may change my mind! :)

  donki 14:22 26 Oct 2006

Id say it will take at least a year for Vista to be stable, no matter wot Microsoft say there will be problems. And the thought of backing up all my games and music etc makes me wanna cry. Just irrates me when Microsoft seem to have XP sorted they bring out a new system, like Mr Gates aint rich enough.

  €dstowe 14:22 26 Oct 2006

I'll be getting one Vista machine - just to be able to say to clients that we use the latest operating systems but, unless the O/S has something really astonishing that hasn't been publicised yet, then we'll be sticking with XP until my computers are due for renewal (which is done on a rotating basis over 2/3 years)

  anskyber 14:29 26 Oct 2006

I shall......eventually, probably during next year. I don't need to, my XP is behaving itself at the moment but I like what I have seen with Vista (no I'm not running a Beta) and I like the suggested increase in security.

There is the usual issue with early day bugs and I am sure there will be some after the launch in January(?) My biggest concern is drivers, the MS Upgrade Advisor suggests hardware such as my printer should be OK but I cannot get the advisor to recognise my scanner.

Do I need Vista? Well of course not, but that does not stop me from thinking I would like to have it even though it is just an OS.

  anskyber 14:46 26 Oct 2006

Having posted the above I decided to re-run the Upgrade Advisor and low and behold it does now recognise my scanner but suggests I should contact the manufacturer (Canon)

Interestingly it now advises on the other concerns I had about RAID drivers (I run a RAID 1 array) are sorted and will be downloaded as part of any upgrade. Previously it was a case of contact the manufacturer Intel.

  Cymro. 15:03 26 Oct 2006

As I assume that to upgrade my present computer to Vista would cost, say about a £100?, and the computer I have is only some 6 months old it will do me another 5 years or so. When I do eventually replace it then it will be Vista enabled and just about before time for whatever MS come up with then. So it seems to me that I can never catch up with whatever MS come up with and don`t intend to try.

  donki 15:40 26 Oct 2006

Yes it looks better, but wat does it do revolotionary that XP doesnt? Ive used all windows even back to the early ones and XP is by far the best (i agree it took a while) I am determined to stick with XP.... I think. Is Vista programed for dual core?

  CurlyWhirly 15:46 28 Oct 2006

I'll be sticking with XP for a while but say after 6 months to a year then I will upgrade.

I will be buying a new 64 bit PC rather than install Vista on this PC as it is around 5 years old!

  Jimmy14 16:00 28 Oct 2006

I'm on the fence whether to buy Vista as an upgrade when it comes out for my laptop which I bought in December 2005. I am currently using Vista Ultimate RC2 and Xp Home edition dual booted on my laptop and I like vista but as "donki" says, it doesnt do anything major that XP can't. Wait and see.

  spuds 16:50 28 Oct 2006

Took me ages to go from Sinclair XP to W95-W98SE-WME-MXP. Think that I will wait for a year or so, after Vista is fully released, hoping that all the bugs have been ironed out by then.

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