Steptoe and Son ---2009

  jack 15:20 28 Jul 2009

I have had the bathroom stripped and reworked- have I mentioned-it before?
The fitter worked Monday to Saturday and because of the power outage had'slipped' half a day - He said to me 'Jack I must finish Saturday I have new job to start Monday[all said in a Professor Meerkat accent for his home town is Moscow]
So by 9pm Saturday He said 'One piece to do I come Sunday- So I drove him to the station and on Sunday He turned up early afternoon to do a half hour finish and for his supervisor to call by in the van to pick him up and all his tools.

His supervisor said OK rubbish- collect Monday[He is from Vilnus].
Monday about noon ring at door - Steptoe had arrives-
What did I see - battered old geezer with a old nag and cart> - Not a bit of it
This is 2009 afterall
click here

  dagbladet 15:29 28 Jul 2009

Link dead for me (work restriction?)

What is it?

  jack 15:35 28 Jul 2009

look it up when you get home- you may need them one day Google 'Any Junk'

  jakimo 15:53 28 Jul 2009

You certainly saw more than I did,was it the invisible man?

  Si_L 15:55 28 Jul 2009

Seems like their site is down at the moment.

  Bingalau 16:21 28 Jul 2009

It came through o.k. for me and I have bookmarked it for just in case I need it in the future. Thanks.

  Colin 19:03 28 Jul 2009

Have I missed the point of this? There's loads of people offering this service in my local paper's classifieds.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:07 28 Jul 2009

The point seems to have escaped me as well. Firms around here have been offering this service for over 12 years.


  Forum Editor 19:15 28 Jul 2009

but this one does appear to be slightly more organised (and more expensive) than some of the others I've seen.

  jack 19:42 28 Jul 2009

The point is/was as FE pointed out a totally professional outfit that does what it says and not some Herbert in an old truck who takes your money and dumps the spoil in some layby or worse.
As for cost-I would not know, I paid of course- as part of the total bill for the job by B&Q.

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