Stem cell cure

  peter99co 21:22 22 Dec 2009

This cheered me up. I hope it helps more people with this kind of problem. Blindness must be one of the worst kinds of disability.

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  John B 21:40 22 Dec 2009

Stem cell 'repairs' are (in my opinion) definitely the way forward. It has been suggested that, for some, blindness from birth could be treated.

In this case the stem cells were from the patient, but there has been some opposition to stem cell research where it involves human embryos.

Some of this opposition is political and some of it is religious.

I hope that in the future, through this type of treatment, that many more people will have their lives changed through stem cell research.

  peter99co 21:51 22 Dec 2009

Opposition is political and some of it is religious.

What do they know about the subject?

  John B 21:54 22 Dec 2009

"Opposition is political and some of it is religious.

What do they know about the subject?"

... Regarding a subject as important as this I'd have hoped that was obvious. Our society and culture is at least shaped by political and religious views.

  peter99co 22:06 22 Dec 2009

When a doctor reads me a sermon or tells me which way to vote then I will agree.

  John B 22:17 22 Dec 2009

As I'm sure you can see, my point is that this potentially marvellous way forward could be obstructed by politics and/or religion. A doctor (GP?) is too far down the line to have an influential opinion and (I hope) is most unlikely to advise you of which way to vote, or read you a sermon.

  Cymro. 15:21 23 Dec 2009

There has been so much anti science sentiment about over the past few years that it is nice to read something positive like this. Granted the scientists do get it wrong from time to time but the future holds so much promise for us all.

Probably like many people in the past I sometimes think I have been born much too early and so will loose out on all the wonderful discoveries still to come. It is nice to think that my descendants will benefit from things yet to come.

  Kevscar1 15:32 23 Dec 2009

Thats if the whole planet doesn't turn into a 300 degree deaert due to global warming.

  Cymro. 15:35 23 Dec 2009

Yes fair point but was the danger of climate change if it even exists caused by the scientists?
One thing for certain it will be the scientists we will have to depend on to solve the problem or at least lesson the affects.

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