This is stealing!

  Si_L 12:26 20 Jul 2007

I have just installed Adblock Plus, a nifty little Firefox extension that speeds up page downloads by blocking the graphics heavy adverts that accompany most sites.

After installing, I came across a blog on the page where a web master was condoning the use of Adblock, calling it stealing! The link is below.

click here

The thought didn't even occur to me, I just installed it to get a faster internet.

I will be interested to hear peoples views on this, especially the FE's, as to whether blocking website ads is considered 'stealing.'

  crosstrainer 12:30 20 Jul 2007

The Internet had no unsolicited garbage which we did not ask for, did not want, and could live happily without.

If I need a new car, telly insuarance package, dustbin, cuddly toy, microwave oven, I will look for them myself! Stealing my **

  Taff™ 12:43 20 Jul 2007

Personally I don`t mind websites with advertising, it helps pay for those sites and the PCA site is a good example. I do object to some of the tactics of web masters that force large adverts to pop up on screen and obstruct my view of the web site - that`s intrusive, irritating and has a negative influence on my opinion of both the site and the advertiser.

It`s no different to junk mail sent through the post - a complete waste of effort on me. It all ends up in a recycling bin. As for "Stealing" I agree with crosstrainer. The web master should work out more subtler ways of promoting his site and obtaining revenue.

  crosstrainer 12:49 20 Jul 2007

In the case of websites like this, we are viewing items which may be of interest to us, not stuff we have no wish to buy / be involved in.

Personally, I still find advertising annoying, but It's become a way of life.

  Confab 12:50 20 Jul 2007

It’s your PC and your choice. You are not stealing anything.

Pop-up adds et al are a big annoyance for lots of people so I say carry on using Adblock Plus.


  crosstrainer 12:55 20 Jul 2007

Some kind soul will write "Totally No Ads At All" soon, I'll buy it!

  gudgulf 13:06 20 Jul 2007

I too use adblock with Firefox.

I have an intense dislike of pop-up,pop-under and in particular those automatically opening text obscuring Flash adverts.

I wonder how well magazines would sell if you had to remove a peel-off advert to reveal the text you paid for underneath?

Of course I also realise that advertising does help pay for free sites such as this one, but is blocking adverts you have no intention of reading or clicking on any worse than just ignoring them?

As for viewing viewing a site and not viewing the adverts being stealing...........well that's utter nonsense.

  Si_L 13:12 20 Jul 2007

The web master in the link in the first post devised some 'clever' way of diverting people who use Adblock to a different page, a page basically saying that 'thieves' are not welcome on this site, etc.

I would be totally thrown if this happened to me if I hadn't read this, wondering what on earth I'd stolen!
Surely this cannot be good for the website?

  monkeyboy21 13:14 20 Jul 2007

There is a very interesting comment by opto on the same page and one i totally agree with. 'making money with adverts is a bonus not a right' is a sentiment i agree with. I certainly wouldn't see myself as a thief, and any reference to hitler is purely insane! I am not downloading any pirated or copied software, i am just viewing a page!

  Forum Editor 13:14 20 Jul 2007

is going a bit far - you can do what you like with your own computer.

I've lost count of the number of times we've had discussions about advertising on our own site - it crops up regularly. I'm perfectly capable of understanding that ads can be annoying, particularly when they're being served from an ad-server, because at times it can slow down the page loading. There's nothing we would like more than to be able to provide you all with a ad-free site, but it's just not going to happen - we need the revenue from advertising. Without it we would not be able to afford the very considerable cost of keeping a free-access site this big up and running.

It's that simple - kill the ads and we would be offline very rapidly.

  crosstrainer 13:15 20 Jul 2007

Interesting philosophical point here.....if the ad's are all blocked by third party apps. running on the users' machine, do they exist?

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