Statistics from Ofcom

  Forum Editor 23:36 19 Aug 2010

suggest that people in the UK spend seven hours a day watching TV, surfing the net and using their mobile phones.

Does that apply to you?

  DieSse 23:43 19 Aug 2010

No - because I'm not in the UK ;-))

But I do probably average that on TV watching and computer using (not all surfing tho'). My mobile phone use probably averages about 10mins per week!

I am at home a lot as I'm retired, and use the regular phone and Skype a lot more than mobile.

  Devil Fish 00:01 20 Aug 2010

i wish i had 7 hours a day available to do all this

  rdave13 00:05 20 Aug 2010

Mobile phone is out. Only used for emergencies usually. TV is out as there is usually not a lot on.
Surfing the net is about, on average, 4 hours a day, taking in the consideration of a week's browsing. More time is taken by trying to destroy the PC by trial and error.

  ella33 00:16 20 Aug 2010

Mobile phone usually on coach/train. PC varies with what else is happening...if I am doing some work or sending social greetings, I will spend some time surfing too. Very little time watching tv but that can change in the winter evenings. sometimes, no time at all. Other times, it can be up to six hours with all of them put together probably

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