Station food

  interzone55 09:24 11 Mar 2009

This is an interesting review of the buffet at Manchester Victoria station

click here

Why to places choose such cynical companies to provide food services?

A perfect example is this line
"Prominently displayed by the counter is a sign from Pumpkins’ holding company SSP. This reads: ‘SSP – creating a better experience. We are unable to provide hot water for heating baby food or baby bottles.’"

  wee eddie 10:18 11 Mar 2009

There may be 2 explanations.

1. Their Legal Team may have warned them that, under Health & Safety Regulations, there is a risk of scalds to "Third Parties" should the water be dropped. They could be sued for 10s if not 100s of thousands of pounds.

2. Many modern Catering Operations rely on preprepared products and may not have, either a suitable safe container, or a "free-flow" hot water spout.

  interzone55 12:28 11 Mar 2009

It's not the notice that concerns me, although how "creating a better experience" equates to "removing a useful service" is a matter for another debate.

It's the whole attitude of the companies who provide food service at stations, in department stores and at tourist places.

It's not hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere and edible food, but the solution seems elude people like SSP...

  Quickbeam 12:51 11 Mar 2009

Anyone remember the cardboard British Rail sandwiches from the '60s & '70s? I think they made them 3 months in advance...

  interzone55 13:56 11 Mar 2009

I thought they were cardboard, certainly tasted that way...

  tigertop2 14:49 11 Mar 2009

Anyone noticed that on sandwich packs there is always an 'eat by' or 'sell buy' date clearly printed but never an identifiable 'made on' date? When involved with large scale catering, I found out that some sandwiches could be to 3 weeks old before they are consumed. We ended up making our own in our kitchens!

  Jim Thing 14:56 11 Mar 2009

"I thought they were cardboard, certainly tasted that way..."

Couldn't say. Never been reduced to eating cardboard. Yet.
Although if savings interest rates fall much further...

  interzone55 16:11 11 Mar 2009

I thought everyone had eaten some cardboard when they were kids?

I was always told a corn flakes box had more nutrition than the corn flakes...

  crosstrainer 09:06 12 Mar 2009

"Anyone remember the cardboard British Rail sandwiches from the '60s & '70s?" Yes, but also remember a couple of occasions when I was travelling first, and they really used to push the boat out....A full breakfast on the outbound journey, and a 3 course meal with wine on the way home....Have not travelled on trains much since, but I bet that's all gone now...Along with (hopefully) those dreadful sandwiches :))

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