State Pension Age

  JYPX 20:00 21 Oct 2010

Following the CSR announcements yesterday, dozens of news/newspaper websites (probably hundreds) all carried the following statement about the state pension age:

"All Britons under the age of 57 on 6 April this year will have to wait until they're 66 before they get their pension."

Where have they all got this from? The announcement said no such thing. I have seen many comments online from people who think they have "just missed out".

  Jameslayer 20:06 21 Oct 2010
  JYPX 20:26 21 Oct 2010

Yes - the pdf file matches yesterdays announcement. But does not match up with the press statement.

  john 52 19:42 23 Oct 2010

It seems that the government are making up policies off the cuff ! Have a look at the link below ! The Mail asked the Treasury officials, the Department of Work and Pensions, and quizzed the Office of National Statistics but astonishingly not one civil servant knew the answer and a spokesperson flippantly insisted, it will be ready 'sometime this autumn'.

Have a read of the link below and well done the mail for compiling this information

click here

  Strawballs 20:39 23 Oct 2010

It's alright these people that sit around in offices making the decision to raise the retirement age would be a good idea, but I would like to see these people come and do my job aged 66 or 67 we already struggle at times to find jobs for people in their early 60's because of their physical abilities, as I said at first it would be no problem if all you did all day was sit on your backside!!!!!!!!!!!

  Quickbeam 20:54 23 Oct 2010

I've always thought that the increased retirement age was a bum deal for the physical grafters. Look at ground workers for instance, they look knackered at 45. So 20 more years of that, and they'll be crippled old pensioners of bygone days that we see in Brumas's pictures...

  johndrew 21:09 23 Oct 2010

When the pension was introduced for age 65 years, not only were there less people in the UK but many more (as a percentage) didn't achieve pensionable age. The majority of those that did only drew it for a very few years.

The pension was not introduced for a life expectancy of the sort we hope for now but, maybe, for a 5 year period at best.

Given that many now live well into their 70s (if not 80s) I am surprised (and pleased) the pensionable age was not raised before. Many pensioners now expect around 15 good years of living off the contributions (well most have paid in) made during their working lives.

The modest rise of a year appears quite lenient even though it is likely to rise further. For women, well they have statistically lived longer than men (7 years I recall) for a long time and the element who wanted full equality now have it for them all.

Perhaps not only is there a sociological lesson hear but one for health and lifestyle also. As a tongue in cheek comment for women there is also the old adage about being careful what you wish for - you have at last got it.

  johndrew 21:11 23 Oct 2010

"hear!!!" = here

Must proof read x 100

  john 52 21:17 23 Oct 2010

I am afraid these people most of them are not in the real world and just have no idea !!If you believed the spin that is put out it is that people are desperate to keep working for as long as they can which is a load of cobblers .
By raising the retirement age so soon the coalition has just removed a lot more jobs from the employment market in the future years
Even if the job was not as physically demanding age discrimination exists in the work place and that is a fact

  john 52 21:39 23 Oct 2010


Would you prefer a 65 year old man or women after spending probably 50 years in work queuing up at job centre to get his unemployment benefit !

You speak about we are living longer do not forget the North /South divide the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea life expectancy for men is 84.4 and 89.0 women

Glasgow the lifetime expectancy for a man is 71.1 and 77.5 for a women should people living in Chelsea receive there pension later because they live longer ?

  Bingalau 22:36 23 Oct 2010

john 52. Yes!

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