Starting two threads in one hour

  bumpkin 23:48 05 Oct 2013

The problems seems to be not with starting two threads but when you try to reply it seems to think that you are trying to start another thread rather than a reply.

  bumpkin 00:06 06 Oct 2013

As you can see I am still unable to reply:-)

  bumpkin 00:35 06 Oct 2013

I just wanted to prove a point, got any decent music for tonight :-))

  bumpkin 00:48 06 Oct 2013

Leonard Cohen? depressed enough already. Go on then how about Suzzane.

  bumpkin 11:29 06 Oct 2013

"Last person I saw play at IOW was Jimi Hendrix"

Now that.s more like it:-)

  bumpkin 14:33 06 Oct 2013


"The Jimmy Shand Band never played the IOW gig, unfortunately." You are well informed, are you serious:-)

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