Starting from today we're going to tighten up

  Forum Editor 19:02 05 Mar 2007

on posts that make offensive references to individuals.

I'm sure I don't need to spell out what's offensive and what isn't - all of us can work it out for ourselves. I've grown increasingly concerned about the attitude some people adopt towards others during our discussions. There are often unpleasant references to individuals - sometimes veiled, and sometimes overt. I hope you agree that it's time we dealt with it, and perhaps entered a more harmonious phase of our forum's life.

Perhaps all of us might reflect, and from now on pay closer attention to the effect our words sometimes have on others. When someone makes a contentious remark it's easy to respond aggressively, and given the nature of the forum a harsh word or two can rapidly escalate into an out and out fight, neither side wanting to back down in public. It's unpleasant for the protagonists, and creates tension in others. I'm not suggesting that we forsake robust debate - there's not much point in debating if you can't make your point forcefully - just that we avoid making it personal. Pick holes in the argument, rather than the arguer.

From today I'm going to exercise a stricter control over such posts, and I thought it fair to warn everyone.

  Bingalau 19:09 05 Mar 2007

I guess I will have to watch my P's and Q's from now on then, mind you I don't think I have deliberately tried to offend anyone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 05 Mar 2007

You have my full support, I don't like threads that turn into a "cat fight".

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:14 05 Mar 2007

You have my full support too, although I'm not on here much now as I have been ensnared by World of Warcraft, along with my partner!

  jackhass 19:17 05 Mar 2007


  [email protected] 19:17 05 Mar 2007

yes, i noticed you deleted one of mine, which, on reflect was childish and possibly offensive, but wasnt meant that way.
there has been a phone advert on the vista forum for an hour now btw

  [email protected] 19:18 05 Mar 2007

sry 20 mins

  namtas 19:20 05 Mar 2007

I agree 100% and I will expect that it will be even handed, apply equally to ALL poster, no matter how long they have been know or what sort of long term respect has developed.

  GEEKSTA 19:26 05 Mar 2007

Totally agree with "namtas"
No mater who they are. not metioning any names.

  Totally-braindead 19:34 05 Mar 2007

I agree its necessary and I'm sure everyone that posts here will agree but I'm sure there will be more of the " where has such and such post gone".

So if a post dissappears why do we not all assume it was because someone posted something offensive in it rather than bothering the FE and everyone else by asking why it was deleted.

As far as I am concerned the FE is impartial and will only delete a thread if its really necessary.

  polish 19:34 05 Mar 2007

totally agree seems some members comments are uncalled for were here to help if we can or at least learn from the in life we cant always agree etc but can still be civilsed about how we go about sorting problems.

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