Starting the lottery draw

  WhiteTruckMan 20:50 31 Jan 2009

I've just watched the national lottery program, and I noticed that with the main draw machine, Some woman (dont know or care who) pushed a big red button on a small podium to start the draw. At the same time the chap standing at the other side of the machine reached down and pushed a small button on the side of the machine. Looks like the big button is a piece of stage fakery to me.

Has anyone else noticed this?


  bluto1 21:00 31 Jan 2009

I saw him move, which I thought odd, but didn't notice what he did. Is there a place on their website where the question could be asked?

  Kev.Ifty 21:16 31 Jan 2009

Take care. A Friend of mine once questioned whether Cillit Bang could actually make that 2p Coin shiny on the bottom.

I have not spoken to him since....

  ray7 21:23 31 Jan 2009

I questioned something on the Lottery programme many years ago (Can't remember what). Not an official enquiry, just a discussion among friends.

I've never won the lottery since then. Could it be a co-incidence? Be on the safe side and forget it WTM

  rdave13 21:25 31 Jan 2009

Probably the chap has capitulated to social pressures and just recently stopped smoking. Pushed his 'spent' chewing gum in a discreet place is all. Better than on the floor.

  Quiller. 21:27 31 Jan 2009

Cillit bang ruined our stainless steel cooker. The wife sprayed the top and left it for 10 minutes, result was total discolouration.


Try getting out more :-)

  interzone55 21:47 31 Jan 2009

The small button starts a camera recording to record the draw for legal reasons...

  bluto1 22:11 31 Jan 2009

Sounds plausible, but, is that really true? (((:-(

  WhiteTruckMan 22:25 31 Jan 2009

-What, and miss all those cillit bang adverts?

alan14's camera explanation is at least plausible, but I dont know if thats his suggestion or he's seen it somewhere.

It's no big thing, but its just something I happened to notice. I've noticed it before as well, its just that I've never bothered about it.


  interzone55 22:28 31 Jan 2009

The draws are recorded by camelot with cameras mounted by the machine. you can see them in some shots, and the BBC sometimes use shots from the cameras.

This is the only explanation I can think of, as there would be no point having a micro-celeb press the big red plunger if the actual draw was started by some suit from Camelot...

  rdave13 22:45 31 Jan 2009

My theory is the right one hopefully; unless the chap is a habitual nose picker....;(

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