Is this the start of the backlash?

  Joe R 19:08 02 Jul 2007

Could this be a backlash to the attack on Glasgow airport at the weekend.
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  Forum Editor 19:16 02 Jul 2007

There's always a fair sprinkling of brain-dead thugs about, itching to have a go. They don't have the intelligence to understand that 99% of the Muslims in the UK probably deplore the actions of a few fundamentalist nutters.

The best thing we could do is put the fundamentalist nutters and the brain-dead thugs on an island somewhere and let them mindlessly slaughter each other while the rest of us get on with our lives.

  Joe R 19:18 02 Jul 2007

FE Total agreement.

I know a few moslems, from around this area, and a few whom I work beside, and all, without exception, are horrified at the events of this past weekend.

  Quickbeam 19:18 02 Jul 2007

it will be no more successful than The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the ongoing problems in the Middle East, and numerous other sectarian conflicts around the globe over the centuries...

  anskyber 19:18 02 Jul 2007

Unlike you, but I sign up without reservation to your sense of frustration. Such things can bring out the worst in us all.

  dukeboxhero 19:24 02 Jul 2007

i would hate to think so Joe R the majority of people in glasgow - paisley have lived with asian familys next door or close to them for years without any problem, and for one mindless act by people who didnt live in britain to try and change this would be very sad, i think the people of scotland and england know this wasnt an act of terror by asians living here and will continue to live in harmony

  anskyber 19:25 02 Jul 2007

Perhaps expanding a little on my previous post.

I do not think it's a backlash necessarily to the extent it is a response to the recent events. I think it's the "brain-dead thugs" (as the FE so eloquently put it) who have used it as an opportunity to vent their unbridled racial prejudice and hatred.

They have been given an excuse in their eyes for pitiful revenge and thoughtless violence and whatever nation they may claim to represent, they do not represent me or I think the overwhelming majority of people in this country.

  Forum Editor 19:35 02 Jul 2007

is that they don't have one voice. The Muslim community is a multi-threaded one, and trying to find someone who can truly say "I speak for UK Muslims" is a futile task.

Muslims understand this, and some groups are genuinely trying to unite the community on at least one front - that of ostracising those who espouse violent fundamentalism. That's the only real way that Muslims will beat this cancer in their midst, and they know - as we should - that the only way it will ever be finally beaten is from within.

It's all very easy to say, but there's a yawning philosophical chasm between the vast bulk of decent, peaceful Muslims and the tiny percentage of deranged fundamentalist terrorists. The best thing Gordon Brown's new Home secretary could do if she's serious about cracking this problem - and I think she is - would be to sit down with representatives from all moderate Muslim groups and seek their advice, listen to their fears. They want a peaceful, productive society as much as any other community of UK citizens.

  anskyber 19:53 02 Jul 2007

I'm sure that is right. there is a fragmented "organisation" in the Muslim community.

There is the Muslim Council of Britain which is a start. We are not ( on the religions front) a shining example however. The schisms which exist in the Christian world are hardly a beacon for other faiths to follow. I do accept though that violence, wherever it is found would be condemned by those across the denominations in the Christian world.

  madgamer234 20:56 02 Jul 2007

The Scots are a very cultured nation but if it ever did kick off there then I know many Scots would be utterly ruthless.
The obvious problem would be the innocent would undoubtedly be targeted and suffer just as in Iraq.

Ask any clear thinking Englishman who he would want to have next to him on the front line and the usual answer would be a Scotsman.

Countless battles throughout history have shown this to be the case.So hopefully,the Scots can be as tolerant as the rest of the people in their newly held Kingdom!

  Forum Editor 23:28 02 Jul 2007

Nothing's going to "kick off" in Scotland. Please don't post that kind of speculative nonsense - it's uncalled for and totally irrelevant.

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