The stars of the Olympics closing ceremony has to be the LED lights in the seating area

  Graham* 00:22 13 Aug 2012

Genius. I saw a couple of close-ups, they are blocks of 9 LED's on a stand. They all must have different colour operations and be cabled back to a control panel. Then they have to be programmed and the programs stored.

I bet it was busy in the lighting designer's control box on the night.

  Quickbeam 00:25 13 Aug 2012

The Olympic stadium has just become the world's most desirable rock venue.

  Quickbeam 00:38 13 Aug 2012

And of all the acts, Eric Idle's was the one that went down the best.

  Forum Editor 00:44 13 Aug 2012

On the back of each seat there's a small panel of nine LEDs mounted on a plastic rod at the back. I had a close look at the one on the back of my seat when I was in the stadium last week.

They're all cabled back to control racks at the end of each seating block. A central computer runs the software routines. The software enables the choreographers to programme the lights to do just about anything. Each LED can obviously display almost any colour shade, so the panels can be made to do amazing things. The central server runs the routines, and a human being gives cueing commands.

One company made the LED panels and another did the lighting routines.

  Forum Editor 00:47 13 Aug 2012


"And of all the acts, Eric Idle's was the one that went down the best."

Not in my house. He's past it, and I thought the whole routine was a bit hammy.

  Graham* 00:51 13 Aug 2012

Thanks FE. The LED's were certainly very high power. Just one would light up my garden at night.

  Belatucadrus 01:03 13 Aug 2012

a bit hammy

What's hammy about roller-blading nuns ?

  Forum Editor 02:00 13 Aug 2012

"What's hammy about roller-blading nuns ?"

The roller-blading nuns.

  Quickbeam 06:22 13 Aug 2012

"...a bit hammy."

That's what Idle & Co specialised in.

  Quickbeam 06:36 13 Aug 2012

And in Rio, the capital of street carnival, we will be totally out-hammed to the rhythm of a samba!

  interzone55 08:29 13 Aug 2012

The LED lighting took up over 30% of the Opening / Closing ceremony budget.

All Danny Boyle would say about the cost was "it's a good job they worked".

'tis a shame they're all coming out, but they'll be reused.

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