Stargate SG1

  jimv7 19:06 13 Nov 2006

Its finishing, due to lack of ratings,

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  lisa02 19:35 13 Nov 2006

Notice the drop since it changed to Farscape?

Ben Browder and Claudia Black are two of the most irritating people, bring back RDA. Though I still love the show. Interesting bit about outsider studios being axed in favour of their own...

Anyway, there are straight to DVD movies in the pipeline (to complete The Ori story) to come along after series 10 IS completed. In which case that part of the article is, as far as we know, inaccurate.

Also aparently the contract with Sci-fi states that they (MGM) can't sell the show to a competitor network in the US. If they manage to get a backer for series 11 it'll be online i.e PPV download, or aired outside of the US, I'm hoping it'll be the UK first for a change if it happens.

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  ashdav 01:56 14 Nov 2006

Er what's the connection between SG1 and Farscape ?
SG1 is American production.
Farscape was Australian (or New Zealand) production and finished years ago.

  Bob The Nob© 01:58 14 Nov 2006

They both in the end get the same actors. Ruined it for me! :(

  ashdav 02:15 14 Nov 2006

Sorry. Got your point now (doh)

  ashdav 02:17 14 Nov 2006

Didn't Babylon 5 go the same way?
Too caught up in its own self belief and tried to become bigger than the sum of its parts ?

  wolfie3000 03:29 14 Nov 2006

Surprised SG Atlantis aint posted?

I prefer Farscape and that other one with Kevin Sorbo, cant remember what its called though?

  lisa02 07:54 14 Nov 2006

Andromeda Wolfie?

They also shared actors with SG-1.

Michael Shanks met his real wife Lexa Doig whilst guesting in the show, who has plays Dr Lam in SG-1. Guess Michael's a bit into nepotism, he had his last partner on the show too. She played the part of his Abydosian wife Sha're and Christopher Judge also acted in Andromeda.

As for Atlantis, if you mean the member weren't they banned a while ago arguing with FE?

  vinnyT 11:05 14 Nov 2006

lisa02 seriously, you could outgeek any of us (and on a tech forum, don't know whether to congratulate you, or be sad;-)

  jimv7 11:15 14 Nov 2006

As for Atlantis, they have to carry on now that the ancients have repossessed atlantis and kicked the stargate crew out.

  Belatucadrus 12:01 14 Nov 2006

No, torpedoed by the studios lack of commitment. Nobody knew if the fourth series was the last, so it sort of concluded the story arc, the fifth series then got the go ahead but was a bit cobbled together. Still has some very good moments though.
Crusade was made on the cheap, looked it and was scheduled to death before they pulled the plug.
Legend of the Rangers fared even worse with only the pilot episode getting made, again low budget and some truly dire acting ( with the honourable exception of the late great Andreas Katsulas ) doomed it.
There was apparently going to be a movie due to the strength of the DVD sales, but again lack of studio commitment killed it, pity it could have been really good.

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