Starched Shirts

  morddwyd 11:49 10 Jul 2010

This is really only seeking advice/opinions from those of a certain age.

Should I make a general nod in the direction of the informality of the 21st century and stop starching my short sleeved summer shirts?

Not the end of civilization as I know it, and of course I will continue to starch any shirt to be worn with a tie, but still a fairly radical departure.

  MAT ALAN 11:58 10 Jul 2010

Good one i would of thought it actually reduces the life of the shirt, it causes the threads to break and fraying...

  johndrew 11:59 10 Jul 2010

I must admit I hated starched collars when I was in the RAF and was glad when the 'new' style collar attached shirts came in.

So I see no point in bringing a small misery back into my life in retirement. And I try to avoid functions where I need to wear a tie anyway.

I must admit I liked my KD starched though. It looked smarter for a bit longer when in higher temperatures!!!

  wee eddie 12:06 10 Jul 2010

Standards are falling.

I hear that Tradesmen no longer wear Stiff Collared shirts. What is the world coming too?

  Woolwell 12:17 10 Jul 2010

Short sleeves shirts - recreation use only in the UK click here

Starch is therefore irrelevant.

You do not know about starch until a shirt has been starched by a naval chinese laundryman. It can then stand up without you in it. Do not let them starch underwear!

  spuds 12:39 10 Jul 2010

I would have thought that starching was a thing of the past, and possibly again our human rights!.

But I have noticed the odd can of stray starch available in supermarkets.

Wearing a blue shirt in an outside environment was not to bad, but changing to white made the dirty collars show more readily. A rub of Varnish before washing did the trick for a prim and proper collar :O)

  Pine Man 12:46 10 Jul 2010

'A rub of Varnish'.

That sure as hell beats starch but I expect you meant Vanish;-))

  spuds 12:59 10 Jul 2010

Whoops, well spotted ;o)

  onthelimit 13:28 10 Jul 2010

The only shirts I've starched have been the winged collar variety worn on ladies guest nights in the mess. These days, the softer the better!

  morddwyd 14:52 10 Jul 2010

From Woolwell's link

"Men will just have to put up (with it) until attitudes change "

That settles it then.

Definitely keep on with the starch!

  Woolwell 15:42 10 Jul 2010

What do you wear with the short sleeved shirt? A panama and light coloured trousers? Guess not shorts and sandals.

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