Starbucks wins appeal over tips ?

  Uboat 11:20 04 Jun 2009

I dont agree with this one bit!

Supervisors are on a far greater wage then junior Staff to start with, how can this be fare.?

I wont use them again as i dont think its right!

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  donki 11:37 04 Jun 2009

"Supervisors are on a far greater wage then junior Staff"

I worked in a coffee shop while at Uni, I also worked in a pub and a mainstrem video shop, all part time. In all three of these jobs I was the lowest grade, the grunt basically. My supervisor was seen to have athority over me, discpline, work rota etc but the differences in pay in all the jobs was very little, maybe £1 - £2 an hour.

If the supervisors do much of the same work as the juniors i.e. serving the public I see no reson why they shouldn't get a share of the tips. The extra pay they recieve is to reflect the extra responsibility they have in their role as supervisor.

  wee eddie 11:42 04 Jun 2009

of how little of the "Tip" that you give your Waiter actually reaches that Staff Member's pocket, you'd be horrified.

Frequently it's less that a 1/4 and often the Waiter's headline wage is then reduced because the Restaurant is allowed to use the "Tip" as part of the Minimum Wage.

I worked in the industry for 40 years, the last 25 years with my own Café/Restaurant, and hope that I was fair with my Staff but found myself constantly being undercut by Establishments offering Wages, well, below mine. As wages were close to 50% of my costs, this can be debilitating and make ones prices uncompetitive.

We outlasted almost all of them, by being better, only to loose out when the Middle American Market dried up after the Foot & Mouth.

  Uboat 11:55 04 Jun 2009

Donki ok fair point, however i worked for this hotel a few years ago click here

& what ever the tips the staff recived via credit card paid bills which was most of them, where never seen by the normal staff it was shared between the company & senior management?

  donki 12:26 04 Jun 2009

I would agree that senior management have no right or need to recieve a contribution of staff tips as they rarely if ever have direct contact with a customer, your example is different than Starbucks.

  dagnammit 12:49 04 Jun 2009

I agree with Starbucks...

  [email protected] 13:22 04 Jun 2009

Agreed. The vast majority of jobs are performed on a pre-arranged pay basis, so why should a waiter be any different.

When people eat at a restaurant, they should be told a price and they either accept it or go elsewhere. They shouldn't be 'expected' to pay extra for the service. You don't go to a supermarket and tip the cashier at the checkout. That's because "they're only doing their job". Well so is a waiter.

  [email protected] 13:26 04 Jun 2009

"Supervisors are on a far greater wage then junior Staff to start with"

The handful of companies that I've worked for part time, while at uni, with supervisor roles similar to those at Starbucks, the difference in pay is usually between 20-35p / hour extra.

  Uboat 13:29 04 Jun 2009

[email protected] your talking about a part time supervisor i am talking about a fulltime earning supervisor!

  donki 14:00 04 Jun 2009

I will just add, I do tip occasionally but not for the sake of it or because I feel I have to. If I am exceptionally pleased with my meal and more importantly the service I will leave something, usually a few pounds nothing more.

  [email protected] 14:10 04 Jun 2009

No I'm not. I'm talking about full time supervisors.

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