Star Trek themed flat sold on eBay

  TOPCAT® 01:43 13 May 2007

"SCI-FI fan Tony Alleyne has sold his Star Trek-themed flat for an astronomical £425,000 — FIVE TIMES its market value. click here

Beam me up, Scotty! TC.

  smoking44 01:53 13 May 2007

person who paid that much must have a sad life

  wolfie3000 08:55 13 May 2007

I actually like it,
If all the consoles worked i would pay that amount for it.

Lets hope theres a holodeck. :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:12 13 May 2007

The place looks as camp as a row of tents but each to their own.


  STREETWORK 09:53 13 May 2007

Right then now for doin up me flat in the theme of space family robinson and flog it for a cool 1 million, should be able to do it for a fiver...

  Kate B 11:07 13 May 2007

Blimey, is property really that cheap in Leicestershire if £450k is five times its value? Not my taste, but each to their own, as Gandalf says.

  MichelleC 11:14 13 May 2007

If its dylithium crystals in the main warp go it won't be worth a bean.

  sidecar sid 12:12 13 May 2007

It's not that authentic, it has a loo.
Everybody knows Starfleet personnel never go.

  Forum Editor 12:19 13 May 2007

didn't stop at the kitchen with the Trekky theme. I wonder if he plays that odd chess-type game on a glass stand? It looks as if he drinks bright blue stuff when he's chilling, just like Captain Kirk.

I doubt the Enterprise had a stainless-steel Blanco 1.5 bowl sink with B&Q kitchen mixer tap, though.

  dagbladet 12:44 13 May 2007

smoking 44

"person who paid that much must have a sad life"

Why sad? Is it sad to enjoy something that you don't?

Who made you the supreme arbiter of what is sad?

  Totally-braindead 21:05 13 May 2007

I rather like the idea. Mind you I would never have paid the money he got for it but it rather cool.

What about my idea. I'll deck out my flat to look like a rubbish tip and sell it as a Steptoe and Son theme house. Any takers?

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