Standard answer no 35

  Gingermum 13:54 23 Nov 2004

Am I the only person who is absolutely sick of receiving standard response no 21 or whatever when they contact help. I have a problem because I live in Belgium and many web sites, such as Dabs, PayPal, Ebay won't let me put Belgian credit card details in even though I want the good delivered in the UK.

Is it really too much to ask that these people READ my question and address the matter instead of giving me the answer to the question they think I should have asked? And it's so obvious they are standard answers copied from somewhere else.

Why pay all that money to employ these people in the first place. They might as well not bother.

It's a good thing I don't have a cat. PC Advisor will have to do instead!

  Sir Radfordin 14:14 23 Nov 2004

It would be nice to answer every question but when you have spent several months doing it you get fed up with the number of daft questions or people asking questions that could be answered by reading the info on the website that you resort to stock answers to keep your sanity.

Email is a poor way to communicate for problems...and I've a 22,000 dissertation to prove it!

  Jackcoms 15:26 23 Nov 2004

Please help me here.

I thought that MasterCard was MasterCard, Visa was Visa etc, whether it was issued in the UK, USA, Belgium or Bongo Bongo Land.

  €dstowe 16:49 23 Nov 2004

Is it a case of wanting the delivery made to an address other than the address where the card is registered? Some (most) firms are very faddy about this.

  Forum Editor 18:39 23 Nov 2004

the world over, but as €dstowe points out - many online businesses will not deliver goods to an address other than the one which is registered as the cardholder's. It's a security measure, used to deter the use of stolen cards, or card details.

  Gingermum 10:17 24 Nov 2004

Thanks folks but I was just letting off steam. I know about different delivery and invoice addresses. I use Amazon a lot. I also know that many sites will only deliver to the invoice address. That's not the problem. Even sites that allow a different delivery/invoice address won't let me use their site with a Belgian address.

The problem with Dabs is that as soon as I put my country as Belgium in the invoice address they whisk me off to their French site, which, of course doesn't deliver to U.K. is more expensive and has different products. Similar restrictions PayPal and ebay, even though I want things delivered in the U.K. Not asking them to send stuff abroad. Because I'm using the British sites they assume that I must be resident in Britain. There's no facility for saying, look guys I live here but I have a bona fide British card.
It's more to do with the way the restrictions on the site has been set up. They don't expect people in foreign countries to actually own a British credit card.
I'm not really looking for or expecting a solution. It's more the way the web designer has made assumptions and imposed restrictions.

  Gingermum 10:19 24 Nov 2004

Just as an addendum - I end up having to ask my sister or father to do it for me.

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