to stand or not to stand for the National Anthem

  p;3 18:14 24 Dec 2006

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curious to know if people still DO stand to attention when you hear the National Anthem of your own country played ,whether it is heard on TV or the radio or wherever?

  VoG II 18:26 24 Dec 2006

I wouldn't stand if I heard it on the TV or radio. I suppose that I might stand if it was played at an 'event' - not that I am likely to attend an event where the National Anthem is played.

  Dizzy Bob 18:32 24 Dec 2006

Got a few funny looks in the pub when the world cup was on!


  The Brigadier 18:40 24 Dec 2006


  Brumas 18:41 24 Dec 2006

Whilst being as patriotic as the next man I would not, as I hardly find the anthem to be ‘uplifting’. In fact, I find it dull and repetitive with no mention of national pride whatsoever and only praising the Queen –as I mentioned in an earlier posting click here
When I was in Ireland on a boating holiday some years ago after the live music finished in the pubs they inevitably played their National Anthem and EVERYBODY stood up as one!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:40 24 Dec 2006

Certainly not.


  Bingalau 19:45 24 Dec 2006

I go to the Royal Naval Association Club in Liverpool every Saturday Night and the National Anthem is played before the evening's events begin. Everybody stands whether or not they agree with the anthem or not. Personally I hate the anthem, but it is our National Anthem and until it is changed for a better one, I will stand for it. I will not under any circumstances sing the words. Incidently if I am in a European country and their National Anthem is played I will also stand for that. Respect is all that is required. A few years ago in Australia on November the eleventh I noticed that the whole area stopped for the two minutes silence and the only sound I heard was a baby crying in the distance. This was in a shopping mall. That wouldn't happen in this country. ..Bingalu..

  big bloke66 19:47 24 Dec 2006

As VoG™.

  Brumas 20:21 24 Dec 2006

Re-reading my post of 18:41 I realise that I did'n make myself very clear .I WOULDN'T stand if it was played on the TV or the radio but if I was at a public venue - I certainly WOULD !

  The Brigadier 20:47 24 Dec 2006

When in the military we stood to attention if we could, when your in a sanger in XMG (Crossmelglen)"bandit country" it's a bit more difficult.

  Forum Editor 21:14 24 Dec 2006

used to stand and salute during the national anthem, wherever he was when it was played. I can clearly remember it being played at the end of a film in the cinema - we all used to rush to get out before it started, because everyone stood still for it.

Those days are gone, and I wouldn't stand for it now. The Royal family have behaved pretty poorly over the past couple of decades, and are in my opinion mainly responsible for the decreasing respect for our anthem.

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