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  Nellie2 10:18 26 Feb 2006

Quote;"Copyright Permission" Corrine, for the Administrators of Malware Complaints, gives permission for this topic, in the English language or a translation to another language by a member of Malware Complaints staff, to be copied in full where required.

For years now . . .
. . . Users of the Internet are being plagued by websites and programs which try to
hijack their computer, trick them into making high (dialing-)expenses, very aggressively steal passwords and banking information, and influence their surfing habits.

Such actions are an attempt to trick people into purchasing programs which do not work properly or not at all, can harm the affected computer, or just attempt to damage or destroy the operating system, security-programs and/or other programs.

Of course, we are talking about Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Hijackers, Dialers, Adware and fake (malware-scanning) programs -- or Malware, in short.

Until now, people who fell victim to malware, could not do much more than try to remove it from the computer -- at times spending a lot of money to get the computer in working order again.

But that can change now!

What is Malware Complaints?
Simply put, Malware Complaints is a website forum. However, for more than one reason, it is a unique forum.

Malware Complaints is a cooperation between many anti-malware helpers and experts from all over the world. From all corners of the world, these people have joined together to make it possible for users, from whatever part of the world they come, to make their complaint against malware and the makers of it.

Malware Complaints offers people who have been (or are) victims of malware the opportunity to document their story and, in that way, launch a complaint against the malware and the makers of the malware.

Instead of only removing the malware (or let it be removed) and wait for the next infection, users can really stand up against the makers of malware!

What will Malware Complaints do with the complaints, which users post?
Malware Complaints collects the complaints and stories, by country/region as well as by malware-group or -family, that way creating the possibility to:
issue petitions, which can be offered to governments and official bureaus that deal with internet security, thus making it clear to those officials how extensive the problems with malware have evolved;

make malware-issues known to the news media, which, in turn, can make malware and their makers known to the world.

Why should victims tell their story?
Malware Complaints is doing something that malware and malware-makers absolutely do not want.

The goal of Malware Complaints is to bring malware(-makers) into the open. This exposure to the public and government officials will make it much harder for them to operate.

When malware is described by the press and rejected by politicians and/or official organizations, it can even become possible to outlaw malware and it will then be possible, for everyone, to take legal action against malware-makers.

click here to make your complaint.

  Forum Editor 10:33 26 Feb 2006

in the fight against malware - one of the most insidious aspects of present-day internet use - has my wholehearted support, and I hope our forum members will make use of this facility.

I wish Malware Complaints the best of luck, and if there's anything I can do to help you Nellie, you only have to ask.

  Nellie2 10:39 26 Feb 2006

Thank you very much FE, your support is much appreciated.

  Diemmess 10:40 26 Feb 2006

Your efforts over a year ago saved three computers among 3 sets of sets of my G/children.
Their systems were at a hopeless standstill, and has taught each a lesson about Internet security.

I wish you success with your campaign, but even at a personal level as one who followed your instructions, I have little memory of which attacks were the most serious at that time.

They were all teenagers. Messenger Plus seems to have been the route for two of them, Kazarr the other source, all with haphazard or absent protection.

I'm not sure that such a report is of any value on Malware Compaints, but I would like to help if I can.

  Totally-braindead 10:44 26 Feb 2006

Bookmarked the address Nellie2 hope I never need it but if I do it will certainly be one of the places I go.

  Nellie2 10:57 26 Feb 2006

Thanks for your offer.. the Lop that comes bundled with messenger plus is a 'sponsor software', the maker of MessengerPlus now makes it painfully obvious to everyone who wants to use his program that there is a sponsor software and also gives the user the option to refuse it. Even if it does get installed there is a seperate uninstaller for it now.

Much as I dislike C2Media.. usually somewhere along the line the user does agree to installation, they are probably just not reading the EULA that comes with the program.

What we are trying to do is combat the sort of stuff that puports to be a legitimate program and then scares the living daylights out of you with false positives and constant pop up warnings. Along with other malicious software that sneaks on to your computer to steal your data or worse.

  Diemmess 11:28 26 Feb 2006

Messenger Services may be legit, but following a reinstallation (W2000) it popped up a few times until I learned how to disable it.

Nuisance to me, but first time I saw it I was worried because of its warnings and thought I had "caught something."
Much more nuisance than help. After all I was trying to install a lean system!

  €dstowe 11:41 26 Feb 2006

Thanks for the link, now bookmarked - I hope I don't have to use it

  anskyber 18:39 26 Feb 2006

Bookmarked, like the others I hope and pray I shall not need it. Keep up the good work.

  eqskey 18:55 26 Feb 2006

Before the mass installation of street cameras how many of you remember the sight of numerous high street shop windows boarded-up ,at the end of the weekend?
And how much of this damage was 'sponsored' by the local glaziers?!!Yes loads.
Reminds me now of anti-virus,trojans and malware software companies. Lovely money,money money to be made.
"O I should'nt have opened that e-mail,really."
Yea!!Greed from all of us lol.

  paddyjack 18:56 26 Feb 2006

bookmarked and passed around. Lets hope it is a real success.

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