Staff Christmas Party

  DANZIG 06:16 09 Dec 2008


Its our Staff Christmas Party this Thursday night and was just wondering if anyone else's goes roughly the same. I've been working for the company for 15 years now and they generally follow the same pattern / have the same ingredients...

1 - Always about 5 people who loathe the place the thing is held in (but still turn up).
2 - At least 1 person who turns up already totally drunk.
3 - At least 1 person who leaves VERY early, for the same reason as (1), or that the music is rubbish.
4 - At least one person gets very tired and emotional and bursts into tears.
5 - 1 person expresses their undying love for another. (normally connected with (4) and sometimes (2) )
6 - Someone is always and I mean ALWAYS sick.
7 - There is a fight.
8 - The boss trys to make a motivational Christmas speech when everyone is too drunk to care or take it seriously.
9 - Someone always phones in sick the next day, although mysteriously its NEVER with a hangover...

Just thought I'd ask and find out if we're unique or not.....

  Quickbeam 07:20 09 Dec 2008

That's the standard pattern for all engagement/wedding/birthday/christening/whatever parties.They wouldn't be any good without those party essentials that you mention... what would you talk about the week after;)

  carver 07:55 09 Dec 2008

As Quickbeam says, pretty standard format for a party apart from No9 which is your bosses fault( stupid person to have it mid week)

  interzone55 08:54 09 Dec 2008

I avoid Christmas parties like the plague, mainly for all the points mentioned above.

I'm not going to get called boring this year because our company have pulled all funding for christmas parties due to general belt tightening...

  jack 09:07 09 Dec 2008

As a sales person in addition to the 'Office Party' many clients extended invites too - not so much in the embrace of friendship as more likely in 'What will you bring me as a reward' frame of mind
It got to such a pitch that 'Christmas' the festival with family was totally diluted.
So more then 30 years ago I said enough is enough.
Christmas Dinner Christmas Day with the Family
and the rest can do with out me-
Initially I thought- will they[the inviters] take umbridge?
But no as is it turned out most of the time they did not notice my absence .
And so it remains to day at the various clubs and groups- I will be conspicuous by my absence
No one notices or minds- and I feel much better for it.

  ventanas 09:07 09 Dec 2008

We never get anything that exciting, everyone just sits quietly and consumes their meal, followed by a (again quiet) drink till we go home at 5.00pm.
Perhaps it's Bradford, nothing to inspire folk.

  jack 09:11 09 Dec 2008

The scene in and around Fleet St and Fetter Lane during the days preceding the Christmas break
The 'Printers Devil' comes to mind in addition to the other hostelries in the area, and the surrounding streets and allys .

  Bingalau 09:12 09 Dec 2008

I used to love the run up to Christmas in the forces. It always started about the middle of November with a party in somebody's house. This the started the ball rolling with another the following night until everybody had done the rounds of everybody else's houses. No fights, no bickering, not a lot of hangovers either funnily enough. The main drawback was fatigue if I remember correctly. By the time Christmas actually arrived we were too sugared to worry about anything but the children. Happy days! Then as a civilian I was always either running a pub or self employed. Pub life was a party every night too. But self employed was a case of no party at all. That's life I guess.

  Bapou 10:07 09 Dec 2008

I recall those days in Fleet Street, The Poppinjay, Cheshire Cheese etc. Plus Mother Bunches Wine Bar in Seacoal Lane was a particular favourite of ours. Never heard of the 'Printers Devil' though.

Maybe we were too tired as newts to get that far, more so at Christmas Eve lunchtime.

The Isle of Dogs never compared. Happy days!

  wiz-king 10:39 09 Dec 2008

We always have ours in February - better food and not so crowded. Needed to get the motivation going again after having to be sociable at Christmas.

  oldbeefer2 11:25 09 Dec 2008

Spent 30 yrs in the RAF and agree that during the run-up to Christmas we tended to be 'tired as a newt' for much of the time! Dreadful example to set the youngsters!

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