St Georges Day

  Graham. 17:16 20 Apr 2007

Advance notice that it's on Monday click here

  IClaudio 18:31 20 Apr 2007

As a Friend of St George's Chapel, I shall be at the ceremony in Windsor, along with Her Maj.

Let me know if you would like me to ask for any special favours from the Royal Greatness ;)

  Graham. 19:26 20 Apr 2007

A couple of hundred quid towards the vets bill for my cats operation on Tuesday, please.

  Bingalau 19:46 20 Apr 2007

The same day is also known throughout the Royal Navy and Royal Marines as Zeebrugge Day. To commemorate the battle of Zeebrugge during the first World War. It is especially commemorated on Merseyside as a tribute to the two Mersey ferries Royal Daffodil and Royal Iris, which played a vital part in the success of the raid. So it would be nice to see more people wearing the red rose on both the Sunday when the services are held as the nearest Sunday, and also of course on the Monday, St. George's Day itself.

  tammer 20:25 20 Apr 2007

..but all the best on Monday to all you English folk out there.

Tammer (Scottish)

  hzhzhzhz 20:29 20 Apr 2007

better celebrate it while England is still on the map.

  laurie53 23:15 20 Apr 2007

It's sad that some English people need to be reminded of their Saint's day.

Can you imagine any Irish person needing to be reminded when it's Pat's day?


  Brumas 23:39 20 Apr 2007

I can never forget - it is my sister's birthday!!

  Ranger 08:36 21 Apr 2007

Yes, it's actually quite amazing the way the Irish have managed to get St Pats day a worldwide audience,you would think that The Scots and English Saints would have just as big a celebration with the amount of emigration from both these countries, but they are very low key compared to St Pats, christ,even in Scotland (I can't speak of what happens in England) St Pats day seems to be celebrated more than St Andrews day

  Ranger 08:37 21 Apr 2007

forgot to add

Happy St Georges day to all of you south of the border, go on, make a day of it

  smokingbeagle 10:37 21 Apr 2007

St. George for England,
St. Pancras for Europe.

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