Srangest job you have ever had?

  sirreaoscar 20:48 18 Aug 2006

Sadly a few strange jobs.
Once planting trees on the M25 just before it opened over 5,000 in a day. No tree protecors used so Mr & Mrs Rabbit had a good feed that night!

  De Marcus™ 21:10 18 Aug 2006

"planting trees on the M25"

Isn't that illegal? I mean it could cause all kinds of accidents ;-)

  nigg 21:46 18 Aug 2006

Not if they were Trochodendron Aralioides.

  De Marcus™ 21:48 18 Aug 2006


  anskyber 22:46 18 Aug 2006

Washing dishes in a hotel with two people from Turkey in a basement in Bavaria......don't ask.

  De Marcus™ 23:06 18 Aug 2006

pray tell?

  anskyber 23:15 18 Aug 2006

Too long a story but since I did not speak their language and they did not speak mine there was only one solution.

I spoke to a Canadian who also spoke German, she spoke to a Turkish woman who could speak German who in turn spoke to my work mates. Very interesting if there was a disagreement.

  Forum Editor 23:23 18 Aug 2006

This one.

  wolfie3000 23:55 18 Aug 2006

Well most of my jobs have been pretty much dull,
But i would say the strangest was when i worked as a welder,

We built huge agricultural machinary sometimes they were as big as a house and we had to work inside them welding on panels and such,

Sometimes you would have to physically hang upside down and weld different bits together.

Heres one of the things we made.

click here

  rdave13 00:23 19 Aug 2006

The strangest one I had was trying to repair a GRP hull of a boat which had gone adrift in foul weather. It was still firm on the rocks and as the tide was coming in we had to make an emergency repair.

Weather was bad and cold so we had the fibreglass mat, resin, catalyst and accelerator ready. I mixed the resin, cat. and accel. liquids together whilst my mate went inside to hold a piece of hardboard against the hole. Got the mat on and dabbed the resin mix as fast as I could. It was reacting so fiercly that smoke was coming off the mix and the brush was wealded onto the hull! Managed to float it and got it back to harbour safely for proper repair! Touch and go though.

  wee eddie 09:22 19 Aug 2006

An very attractive Anglo German girl, living in The Boltons, with a number of Vogue front covers that year.

She was having problems with a member of the British Aristocracy, who ran an F1 Racing Team, I was employed to keep him at bay for a couple of weeks or so.

It sounds like an ideal job for a 30yo but was actually rather boring. Unfortunate not like the movie at all. There were a couple of exciting bits but that's another tale.

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