Androcles 06:00 19 Nov 2004

Spotted this in another forum click here
Lexmark denies spyware allegations | The Register

Interesting .Regards.

  § 11:34 19 Nov 2004

"Lexmark Connect is a voluntary program that is fully disclosed to all users during the installation process for a new printer. During this process, a registration screen will appear that will allow the user to choose to participate, or not participate in this program. A user MUST review this page and click "continue", or the registration process will not install the program or the printer."

Androcles what's the problem?

  spuds 19:04 19 Nov 2004

I use Lexmark printers, and it as never effected me.

  Dorsai 19:41 19 Nov 2004

"A user MUST review this page and click "continue", or the registration process will not install the program or the printer"

It's voluntary, but if you say 'no'..

"the registration process will not install .. the printer"

So it not that voluntary, if you want to use the printer is it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 19 Nov 2004

Meh...much more important things to get paranoid about.


  Androcles 20:57 19 Nov 2004

If you cannot install the software for the printer that you have purchased, without participating in lexmarks program, how is this voluntary? Regards.

  Forum Editor 00:02 20 Nov 2004

A printer manufacturer collecting data about how often the printer or scanner is used? Must be some sinister plan afoot at IBM headquarters.

No information about the machine's user is recorded or collected - all that's sent is a string of data about useage. It's totally anonymous and completely harmless - hardly of interest to the FBI, CIA, or MI5 come to that.

  Dorsai 11:17 20 Nov 2004

What would happen if you bought the printer, but did not have an internet connection?

Would it fail to install?

  Androcles 16:59 22 Nov 2004

It would probably install Dorsai if you click on accept, but everytime you went on the net it would want access. FE may find this acceptable but I do not. If you bought a car from Fords and it sent information back to Fords about your driving habits
etc. destinations etc. would you find that acceptable

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:03 22 Nov 2004

'If you bought a car from Fords and it sent information back to Fords about your driving habits etc'....police cameras do that instead.

Still meh!. The net is an open resource, if you do not agree to using an open resource you are at liberty not to use it. No one has ever died from not using the net.


  Forum Editor 18:56 22 Nov 2004

The point I was making, and forgive me if I didn't make it clearly enough, is that this information is returned anonymously - it's not at all like your car sending information to Ford about your driving habits and destinations. That information would be directly linked to your particular vehicle, whereas the printer data isn't linked to you at all. At the other end they simply receive information about how often the printer or scanner was turned on, and how many print/scan cycles it made. There's nothing in the data that would enable anyone to know who you are.

I fail to see how anyone would lose a single moment's sleep over that, but we're all different,and entitled to our own view.

Much more detailed information about your habits is already being routinely recorded - especially where your internet activities are concerned. Every time you visit a web site the server that hosts the site records the time of your arrival, where you came from, which browser you were using, which pages you visit, which website you came in from, and what your IP address was at that time. This information could be used by any of several government agencies to find out exactly who you are.

It isn't difficult to see how some people allow paranoia to sweep over them, but there's no point - if you want to use the web you'll have to accept that there are good reasons for the way that it works - and there are worse things to worry about in my view.

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