Sports Personality?

  ulrich 20:58 10 Dec 2006

I think by the looks of it the BBC should have saved some money this year and not bothered. Maybe a competition of the definition of a personality.

  Totally-braindead 21:45 10 Dec 2006

I didn't watch it so who won?

I presume its someone you do not consider to be a sportsperson from your posting.

  wallbash 21:50 10 Dec 2006

Must say first , I am NOT a sports fan. But even I know the hard/ poor results of the National football/rugby/cricket teams of late.
It certainly opened up the selection progress. We are shown some winning golf, accomplished boxing, nice gymnastics.
Zara won , well done.

  ulrich 21:53 10 Dec 2006

That is the word.

  scales 22:57 10 Dec 2006

It was voted for by the viewers; that is democracy raising its ugly head and allowing the general public have their say. They were all worthy of the title and the people have spoken... .

  Forum Editor 23:00 10 Dec 2006

I totally agree with every word of your first post.

In my opinion the program is a total waste of time and money, but I imagine it was enjoyed by millions.

  wallbash 23:08 10 Dec 2006

quote ..It was voted for by the viewers; that is democracy

Quoting the Sunday Times
'The voting system meant the sports editor of the Coventry Telegraph had as much influence as almost 200,000 on line voters'

As orwell said ... some are more equal than others

Wot about Walliams??

  Kate B 23:21 10 Dec 2006

I'll never understand why people bang on about disliking a programme. Your telly has an off button, has it not?

  Brumas 23:27 10 Dec 2006

Perhaps the battery's gone in the remote! :oO

  Forum Editor 23:37 10 Dec 2006

It does indeed, but that doesn't mean I'm not to be allowed an opinion - particularly when it's a BBC programme, and was paid for with part of my licence money. Stifling comment isn't part of the equation here surely?

The whole idea behind a publicly-funded broadcasting service is that it is accountable to its licence payers, whether or not they choose to watch a specific programme. The BBC Sports personality of the year award used to be quite an event, but recently we seem to have been hard-pressed to find contenders with any personality at all. I've probably got "**** of the year" fatigue, we seem to have so many awards programmes now.

I wonder how many people actually voted for the winner of tonight's award. It's a non-event in my book, and even the BBC director of Sport admits that "it needs refreshing creatively".

  Kate B 23:51 10 Dec 2006

Of course you're allowed an opinion but it sounds like carping to me. I really don't see why people waste energy banging on about a programme they don't like and aren't going to watch - it just seems so utterly pointless.

In general, I think the Sports Personality of the Year award is no bad thing. It highlights some interesting people and draws attention to sports that get less of the limelight, which might encourage someone to take up one of them.

I also think Zara Phillips is a worthy winner: she's a dedicated and talented horsewoman and equestrian sports don't get a lot of coverage. I'm rather glad the winner wasn't some overpaid and overexposed footballer.

On a more general point, it's very much part of the BBC's public-service remit to produce this kind of thing, surely, as it highlights all kinds of sporting activity which don't get much of a look-in for the rest of the year. I also note from its webpage click here that it honours coaches, young people and "unsung heroes" - that's all good in my book, recognising that sport is about much more than the stars.

Finally, I also note from its webpage that the event was held in Birmingham. Also good: the media in general is often criticised for being too London-centric, which is a valid criticism.

I'm not interested in sport and sports coverage but I think it's a bit mean-spirited to carp about this event, which as far as I can see is a long way from some pointless awards event such as the soap awards in that it honours all sorts of people, not just stars.

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