Sports person ...What a Swizz.

  Bingalau 21:29 19 Dec 2010

How in the name of goodness can a darts player be classed as a sports person? That's not a sport it's a pastime.

How can a jockey who has won one race, be in the top three?

How can they overlook once again, probably because they think he is so young he will have many chances in the future, "Tom Daly". O.K. They give him the Young Version as a sop.

How can they disregard "Ellis" who overcame all the women in the world to become Britain's outstanding female athlete?

How can they overlook the courage of that other young girl who slides down the death run on a bit of tin to overcome experts from countries who specialise in it.

I'm afraid I have another hunch. Looks like a fix to me.

  lucky1 21:33 19 Dec 2010

Bingalau. My thoughts entirely.

  hssutton 21:36 19 Dec 2010

That's three of us in agreement

  peter99co 22:00 19 Dec 2010


I wanted Jessica Ennis to win but also Mark Cavendish. When the darts player was chosen I could not believe it.

  dwaynedibbly 22:20 19 Dec 2010

I`m not a horse racing fan, or much of a darts fan for that matter, but come on.

Won one race???

A P McCoy has been Champion Jockey for the past 15 years. He has won over 3000 races.
He is regarded as one of the finest Jockeys in past 20 or 30 years.
Have a read of his resume.

Phil Taylor has dominated the world of darts, also for the past 15 years.
Look at the reception he got when he took the stage.
You can argue till your blue in the face as to the merits, or not, of darts. If its not a sport then what is it?

I`m surprised you didn`t mention Becks and his life time achievement. Mid 30s, how dare he the young whipper snapper.

  Bingalau 22:30 19 Dec 2010

As a matter of fact Becks went up in my estimation, I've never been enthusiastic about him, probably because he never played for Everton. But he actually spoke better, wivout using the word Wiv", His family were a credit to him and he actually recognised that there are other people in the world that he admired more than other sportsmen.

The recognition was for Sorts personality of the year, not of the last fifteen years. If it was being judged over a fifteen year period then I doubt the jockey or the darts player would have even been in the audience. They would have been watching on telly like me.

  Bingalau 22:31 19 Dec 2010

For "Sorts" please read "Sports"

  Forum Editor 22:40 19 Dec 2010

how the 'fix' could work.

The contenders are nominated by sports experts who work for newspapers and magazines. Each expert is asked to provide a list of ten contenders in alphabetical order only.

From all those nominations the ten most nominated people are selected. If there's a tie in any particular case the names of the people in the tie are sent to a panel that consists of previous winners from all fields of sport. They decide which name should go through to the final ten.

The final ten names are then subjected to a telephone vote on the night of the live show - the public decide the winners, and the phone voting is scrutinised by an independent adjudicator.

How would you set about fixing that process, and don't you think that after all the recent scandals over voting the BBC is going to make sure that they're not exposed to future allegations of rigging?

You may not agree with the results, but blame your fellow sports viewers and sports journalists, not the BBC.

  Bingalau 22:46 19 Dec 2010

I would question the independent adjudicator.. I simply do not believe the British public would vote for a darts player above most of the other contenders. I would demand a recount of the telephone votes if it were possible too.

  Bingalau 22:49 19 Dec 2010

I'm off to bed to dream about that Jessica Ennis.

  Forum Editor 22:54 19 Dec 2010

the British public would vote for a darts player above most of the other contenders."

But they did.

What questions would you ask of the independent adjudicator - would you say 'did you rig the vote do a darts player would win'?

What possible reason would an independent adjudicator have for rigging a vote for a sports personality - even if he/she could do it? The adjudicator is almost certainly from one of the big accountancy companies, or is a lawyer; hardly someone who would be interested in TV vote rigging.

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