Is Sport Back in F1?

  ulrich 22:12 17 Jun 2007

Has Lewis Hamilton brought the true meaning of sport back to Formula 1 by not allowing his team mate to overtake. A few more Lewis Hamiltons and less prima donnas, this country might get somewhere.

  Si_L 22:34 17 Jun 2007

He has got the taste of winning with his first victory in Canada, he wouldn't settle for less than 1st after his performance today, and his qualifying yesterday.

It is about the team first of course, but its good to see Hamilton not budging for Alonso, Maclaren can't complain with 1st and 2nd on the podium, you would be a fool to bet against them bringing in the bacon now, even with 10 races left.

  Stuartli 22:45 17 Jun 2007

Well I seem to remember that a certain Michael Schumacher had a very similar approach - or even more dramatic if the occasion called for it...:-)

  Strawballs 23:01 17 Jun 2007

Alonso is acting like a spoilt child that can't get it's own way, he is embarrased by being outperformed by his "rookie" team mate and he is twice world champion and they have got the same machines.

Pressure from someone from a different team people will assume that they have a better car.

  Si_L 23:24 17 Jun 2007

Won't be long before Alonso will be number two in the team, and I don't think he has a small enough ego to be world champ but number two, he will be at ferrari next season, then the competition will heat up. Ferrari just need to get their cars up to scratch.

  dagbladet 10:31 18 Jun 2007

"Has Lewis Hamilton brought the true meaning of sport back to Formula 1 by not allowing his team mate to overtake. "


His (driver) status within the team has altered from a month or so ago when as the team's No2 he was expected to defer to Alonso. This week he qualified on pole, he is leading the world championship and his team recognise that he has the ability to win the Driver's Championship. Both drivers are currently allowed to 'race'. However, i've no doubt that both Hamilton and Alonso are in no doubt as to the repercussions were they to take each other off allowing Ferrari and BMW to close up on the Contructor's Championship.

  Tazfan 11:07 18 Jun 2007

Hamilton is fantastic.
I hope that he becomes the first F1 driver (as far as I know) to get a podium finish in every race of the season. What a way to start a career as an F1 driver.
I hope his confidence doesnt turn into over confidence.

  Belatucadrus 11:47 18 Jun 2007

"as the team's No2 he was expected to defer to Alonso."

Contractually speaking he's not the number two driver, unlike Shumaker Alonso didn't insist on being given number one status in his contract. Probably as it never occurred to him that the rookie could be faster than him. Possibly an oversight by his management team that he's now regretting.

Still it ain't over till the fat lady sings and he didn't get to be a double world champ by being a mug.

  Si_L 12:43 18 Jun 2007

The thing is, what made Hamilton such a bold character yesterday was not budging for Alonso, despite the fact he should of. The team comes before the driver, and Hamilton should have given way.

click here

2 mins into this clip is where they were almost touching on the straight (the commentator said you could put a cigarette paper between wheels), and that attitude by Hamilton could have caused a crash when combined with Alonso's ego.

  Belatucadrus 13:05 18 Jun 2007

"Hamilton should have given way."

Why ? contractually they're on an equal footing and Hamilton has more points. If he's ever going to be world champion, one thing he's never going to willingly do is give way to another driver when racing.
They may say things like 8 points is better than nothing, but they're lying, they want to win and coming behind the rookie again will drive Alonso nuts.

  Si_L 14:40 18 Jun 2007

Contractually Alonso is the #1 driver for Maclaren, and the team like to keep things that way, hence why Hamilton wasn't allowed to overtake Alonso in Monaco (despite being faster than Alonso)

Ignoring the teams orders could have resulted in a collision, Maclaren aren't that far ahead in the championship to be giving points to Ferrari.

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