Spooky iPod

  Kate B 16:33 29 Nov 2006

Much has been jokily written about the random shuffle function on the iPod and how it uncannily manages to pick tracks to match your mood and situation. I have more than 7,500 tracks on mine and this afternoon I had a friend from my university days over. My iPod was on random shuffle playing through speakers and in the two hours she was here it managed to serve up first a selection of tracks that we used to dance to and most spookily of all, a really obscure track from a really, really obscure 1980s band that sank without trace which is indelibly linked with that friend and one other in our heads. I haven't played that track for months, if not years.


  The Brigadier 16:53 29 Nov 2006

Suggest you do the lottery tonight as well!

  rodriguez 17:40 29 Nov 2006

Sounds strange - I hardly use the shuffle function on my iRiver because it always puts one on that I can't be bothered with so I'm always there skipping through them anyway. :-P

  sean-278262 18:47 29 Nov 2006

rodriguez - hell I agree. My PMP140 is hell for that, I use it now exclusively for video and My palm treo for music. But the PMP remains my little back up drive for the audio. Random on the ipod is as said true random but Personally a lot of my albums have to be played in order to make any sense audio wise so I just use playlists.

  Sir Radfordin 19:47 29 Nov 2006

The last report I saw on this in a newspaper (Guardian perhaps?) said that the next generation shuffle was going to be less random as the true randomness had made people think it wasn't as random as it really was.

I expect part of the spookiness is just that you noticed the tracks because of something else and so made a link between two exclusive events.

  Kate B 19:54 29 Nov 2006

Yes, I saw that piece - I think it was the Guardian.

  facepaint 19:54 29 Nov 2006

Is an iPod for empty heads?
I would never be interested in listening, at such close quarters, to anything.

  Probabilitydrive 20:07 29 Nov 2006

"Art of Noise","Bronski Beat","Shakatak" "TAlk Talk" "Yazzoo"...Lets see if I can turn Kate B's spooky i pod experience in an even spookier forum one by guessing this obscure 80's band..

Of course, I knew I was way out with my my vulcan mind mend...

AAAAhh, go on...go on, go on, go on go on, what was the band??

  Kate B 20:14 29 Nov 2006

Nope, Probabilitydrive, you're not even warm. I'll be impressed if you get it.

  oresome 20:59 29 Nov 2006


I suffer the same problem with a 5 cd multiplayer. It seems to ignore at least 1 disc until it's exhausted all other possibilities, so I now put it on spiral to play a track from each in turn.

I feel much better with some order in my life.

I've never noticed that it takes account of mood swings or visitors though.

  Bingalau 21:21 29 Nov 2006

Probabilitydrive, I will be even more impressed if you get it. ..Bingalau..

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