Spoilt Children

  MAJ 09:15 22 Mar 2008

Professor John MacBeath has just finished a report saying Primary schoolchildren spoilt by their parents can cause disruption in the classroom by repeating manipulative behaviour used at home. click here What is he a professor of at Cambridge University? Professor of stating the bleeding obvious?

Now that he has finished that report and released it to the NUT union's annual conference in Manchester, what's next? Researching a report that cars use more petrol/diesel the further they travel?

  egapup 09:24 22 Mar 2008

Shoot all the do-gooders, scrap the human rights thingy and bring back corperal punishment, teach the little sods that there's a consequence to bad behaviour.

  Quickbeam 09:36 22 Mar 2008

is worth ten years of peace & obedience...

'No', is a much underused word by modern parents.

  carver 09:56 22 Mar 2008

Researching a report that cars use more petrol/diesel the further they travel?

Now thats worthy of at least a £200.000.00 grant.

The worst thing is it starts in schools, at the age of 7 my daughter came home to tell me that I couldn't punish her because it would be against her human rights and if I hit her she was to tell the school.

Just what do people think will happen when children learn that the only punishment they can get is a SEVERE telling of.

Bring back the birch.

  georgemac © 10:07 22 Mar 2008

So now the parents who have been told they cannot smack their children, must not shout at them, use only positive behaviour praise for discipline, are getting it in the neck from the same folk, because they have become spoiled and cannot behave in school - it is laughable.

We are far too soft nowadays, children from a very early age should be taught at home as well as at school what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviour, and be punished when required. I don't know what the best type of punishment is however.

I used to hate being put to bed with no supper at 5 PM, think this was the most effective punishment I ever got, in fact my father says I used to ask for a smack with the slipper so I could go out and play. I also had the belt very occasionally at school and it never did me any harm - it was deserved each time I got it.

My wife works at a primary school, in a relatively poor area. There are lot's of kids with behaviour problems, they have a very poor home life from what they tell her, but their behaviour has a detrimental effect on the education of the children who do behave.

I may be old fashioned, but children who continually cannot behave in school should be removed, and put in special schools if required, until they learn that if they want to be included in society they must behave within acceptable standards.

  lotvic 15:04 22 Mar 2008

I have just purchased this book click here which I found under 'Teaching Resources' in a bookshop. It is a fascinating read. (I wanted to find out what the teachers do/don't do about behaviour)
tiny link if first one didn't convert click here

  dukeboxhero 16:18 22 Mar 2008

Quickbeam if only A slap of the hand could be worth ten years of peace & obedience.
Two weeks ago a good friend of mine took her daughter shopping only to discover when they got home that her daughter had stolen a diary,
My friend slapped the back of her daughters legs and sent her to her room, she also phoned the police and asked if a comunnity officer could come over and give her a fright,
The police officer came and gave the daughter a lecture,That night my friend sent her daughter to her x husbands as arranged, Later that night police came to my friends house to tell her she was being cherged with assault and her daughter had been taken into care,three days later her lawyer got her daughter back home but we are still waiting to see if theres a case to answer to.

  mrwoowoo 16:27 22 Mar 2008

It starts at an early age and continues all the way into adulthood.Young men and teenagers can shoplift with gay abandon,safe in the knowledge that if caught that will get a ticking off, or at worse a caution if caught.
Muggings and assaults are allowed to continue until a judge might eventually give them a suspended sentence if he's in a bad mood.
Children know they can get away with it and so do the adults.
We as a society are far too soft and PC for our,(and their) own good.

  mrwoowoo 16:30 22 Mar 2008

Total and utter madness.
She should sue the social workers,or whoever,for infringing her human right to reasonably discipline her own child.
Also her human right to have her child with her.

  lisa02 16:49 22 Mar 2008

Naughty corner for a minute for each year of age and confiscation of their valued possessions work well in our house along with treats. "Good girls get good things and bad girls get bad things" is a phrase actually coined by eldest who's nearly six. Bad things are typically a combination of no treats, toys taken away, banned from computer games or no TV. Thanks to supernanny from the TV series for the tips!

Just a couple of months back my eldest tripped over bag which I'd left on the floor. She subsequently had a bruise on her lower leg. One day she was at school and the teacher noticed the bruise and made a comment about it and my daughter replied "Mummy done it".

What she meant was it was my fault for leaving the bag on the floor but apparently it's not up to the school to question the child, it's ok to grill me at an inquisition though..... the interview I recieved at the school the next day was awful. Made me feel like I was worthless as a Mother and a person.

  Jak_1 17:26 22 Mar 2008

"Young men and teenagers can shoplift with gay abandon,safe in the knowledge that if caught that will get a ticking off, or at worse a caution if caught."

I never realised that it was only those two groups that went shoplifting!

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