Spoiled (to me) Classic Film

  Elderslie 11:48 29 May 2009

The other day I took the opportunity of taping the classic B&W film "To kill a mocking bird". When I came to view it I found a little technicolor man translating in "Deaf Language" (I don't know the PC word for that). This completely ruined my viewing of the classic. There surely nowadays can't be all that many deaf people who can't read! Haven't the the producers of these copies for the Deaf heard of 'sub-titles' which don't impinge on viewing to any extent and can of course be switched. Perhaps someone can explain to me why the technicolored man is used in place of sub-titles?

  I am Spartacus 11:59 29 May 2009
  interzone55 12:57 29 May 2009

Many people don't like the Closed Captions at the bottom of the screen, which often just paraphrase the dialogue anyway.

With Sign Language (the PC words you were looking for) the signer can not only sign the dialogue, but their facial expressions can provide emphasis which isn't possible via the captions...

  hastelloy 13:14 29 May 2009

is not English given in signs. It is a language in its own right, so many Deaf people don't read English.

  Elderslie 14:24 29 May 2009

Thank you Spartacus, I was merely doing what the majority do which is record a programme to view it at a more convenient time. Life might start to get a bit expensive for an OAP if he was expected to order up a film to view when he happens to notice it on the television at an inconvenient time.

Thank you Alan 14. By 'many'I assume you mean many deaf people, ie a 'few' people. It does seem a pity though that the 'Many'(in my use of the word) people have no way of turning off the little man, which we could do with sub-titles. OK it means the 'Many' will just have to tape a piece of paper over the bottom right hand of the screen.

  mrwoowoo 14:42 29 May 2009

I've often wondered why people are more deaf after midnight.
The signers never seem to appear until then for some reason.Perhaps they feel that their batteries for their hearing aids would have run flat by then.
Is it only done because they feel pressured to be all PC.But don't feel it's important enough to warrant it during peek viewing times?

  wiz-king 15:08 29 May 2009

Did you fill in the consultation document to make your views known? click here

  Elderslie 15:32 29 May 2009

I really do not recall ever having been asked my opinion on this topic nor was I aware of this consultation document. Had I ever been asked my opinion I would have opted for a system where, like sub-titles, I could switch off the annoying little man. Until such time as this happens, (don't hold your breath chaps!) it is back to the piece of taped paper.

  interzone55 16:12 29 May 2009

"By 'many'I assume you mean many deaf people, ie a 'few' people"

There are about 3.5m deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK. which is somewhat more than "a few"

  laurie53 21:30 29 May 2009

The reason why the sign language appears more after midnight is that many deaf people record these programmes for watching at more convenient times so that they don't cause inconvenience to the hearing majority.

Perhaps they shouldn't bother.

Most TV listings, both hard copy and electronic, clearly identify which programmes are "signed", and it's not hard to avoid them.

Has it occurred to you that deaf people might have requested this film, with signing, and the producers were just trying to fulfil their obligations under the discrimination laws?

I hope you never become disabled and experience such intolerance.

Though I have lost a bit of "high frequency" I am not deaf, and I too find the signer very distracting, but try to ignore it, and think of how fortunate I am to still be able to hear birdsong and music which can't be reproduced with subtitles or signing.

  octal 21:34 29 May 2009

If the little man annoys you that much, stick a piece of duck tape over him, problem solved :)

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