Spit or not?

  Riojaa 21:29 13 Sep 2007

Does anyone shine their shoes, these days?

And, is it a poor reflection if one doesn't?

  Brumas 21:31 13 Sep 2007

I do, however I have been described as being all Spit and no Polish !

  mammak 21:41 13 Sep 2007

Yes I do! especially my Daughters School shoes but I don't spit on them :-( that's disgusting.

  Devil Fish 21:47 13 Sep 2007

i don't spit but i do polish my shoes and boots on a regular basis

  Brumas 21:50 13 Sep 2007

When I was wearing khaki the time honoured way of 'bulling' your boots necessitated frequent spits upon the polish to achieve the mirror-like surface which was required.

Needless to say - I still polish but no longer do I spit.

  mammak 21:54 13 Sep 2007

Yes of course I was married to an Airman for a number of years but he did all the spitting! wasnt it called Bulling your boots? waxing or sommit?

  Jak_1 22:21 13 Sep 2007

"Does anyone shine their shoes, these days?

And, is it a poor reflection if one doesn't?"

What, training shoes! :)

  mrwoowoo 22:24 13 Sep 2007

Very good(O:!
I'm a trainers man as well,so no reflection at all for me.

  sunny staines 22:27 13 Sep 2007

used to spit and polish my boots years ago were like mirrors on the toecaps.

my shoes are polished most days with cloth and brush to keep them waterproof and smart.

scruffy shoes sign of scruffy kept person in my book.

  Chegs ®™ 00:00 14 Sep 2007

I dont wear shoes very often but do still polish them before wearing them as it softens the leather,waterproofs them a little and look a dam sight better than scuffed/scratched shoes.

  Stuartli 00:32 14 Sep 2007

If spitting worked, footballers' shoes would look absolutely immaculate at all times.

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