Spiritualists & Mediums

  zzzz999 04:13 06 Jan 2012

I have long held the view that this is quackery, however, I was listening a few days ago to a radio programme regarding spiritualism and mediums. What was interesting was to hear a University Professor who, as part of a team, had undertaken a 5 year analysis and testing of numerous spiritualists in controlled environments.

The team fhad ound that there were of course Charlatans but surprisingly also found a core group of people who repeatedly returned extraordinary results and statistically returned results that suggested something out of the ordinary.

My wife is into mediums and spiritualists and regularly visits one to have £25 relieved from her purse. I must admit I have no sight of the converstaion beween them so am not convinced it simply isn't clever techniques (a la Darren Brown). The missus recounts her feedback and there seems to be a structure to the session. The medium, firstly 'proves her credentials' by offering commentary on your existing life, then moves into 'vision' session where she predicts the future - which to be fair has been quite detailed and has had a reasonable success (of course we only remember the things she gets right).

I remain cynical and sceptical, my wife enjoys it and indeed often gains comfort from these sessions (3-4 a year) so for her its money well spent. She could like me waste similar money at the bookies based on the 'visions' of tipsters :-).

Just wonder have others had any contacts or experiences with mediums or spiritualists?

  daz60 06:12 06 Jan 2012

Is it possible you could remember the Professors name or the name of the report or the programme name so i could reply,if not could your wife meet with the medium so she could contact her sources and find out.

  morddwyd 07:00 06 Jan 2012

"my wife enjoys it and indeed often gains comfort from these sessions (3-4 a year) so for her its money well spent"

And that, of course, is the main point.

The problems arise when mental distress and anguish occur,

  birdface 12:08 06 Jan 2012

Some folk have premonitions about things that are going to happen and sometimes do.

Are there ghosts or spirits about.Yes

So if there are ghosts and spirit about someone may have the ability to communicate with them.

Exorcise.To expel (an evil spirit) by or as if by incantation, command, or prayer. 2. To free from evil spirits or malign influences.

So if Priests or ministers can Exorcise evil spirits why not be able to speak with good ones.

I suppose you either believe in it or don't.Knowing a few folk that believe in it and pay to go to those things I would say it is mostly women that go.

Men would usually go to the Pub with there £25 and contact their spirits there.

Having had a friendly type of ghost or spirit in one of my houses I would think it possible for someone to contact them.

Not me though as I used to put my head under the blanket to escape.

  zzzz999 13:30 06 Jan 2012

No one can say for certain that there is or is not something beyond death. Certainty in this instance is speculation.

I found the radio programme that I had mentioned


  zzzz999 13:32 06 Jan 2012

Buteman, how did you know you had ghosts? What sort of minifestation were you experiencing?

  birdface 15:13 06 Jan 2012


Just little things like the Kids toy phones going of in the middle of the night.You know the type 2 phones so that the kids could talk to each other.They never rung during the day.

Got so fed up with it I removed the batteries.That did not stop them they kept ringing during the night with no batteries in them.

lying in bed with the hair standing on your neck scared to turn round as you new something was there.

Seen one at the bottom of the bed.He was no different from me or you, the white shirt he had on had a cutaway collar on it not unlike what they used to be in the 50-60s only the collar was straight across.probably in his 20s just sat there smiling and by the time I opened my mouth to Utter something he was gone.

And no it was not the wifes boyfriend that she had hid under the bed.I suppose that was going to be the next comment.And no I had not been drinking.

I suppose the only scary bit was when in bed and knowing he was about because of the hairs standing on your neck and reluctant to turn round just in case.

We had an old wardrobe that we were going to throw out but the next door neighbour took it off us.

Not long before they started hearing someone walking upstairs in the room.Then the banging started and they got out quick.

They had the priest around a few times to bless the house or whatever he did, but they could not stand it and shifted houses.

So not sure if it was my Ghost that wanted back or not.Mind when I go I can always come back and let you know.But whatever you do ,don't loose any sleep over it.

I was always under the impression that if you seen a ghost it would be some sort of apparition that would vaguely look like someone.But this one just looked normal just like me or you.Funny I can always remember his shirt for some reason maybe because it was so white.Put him in an Identity parade today and I would still be able to pick him out.

  zzzz999 16:55 06 Jan 2012

My Mother in Law stays in Rothesay and when her husband died several years ago she swore that he twice appeared at the end of their bed during the night, the first occassion lasted for several minutes and only ended when she reached out. The second time was a more fleeting appearance lasting less than a minute and nothing since.

I know it could be rationalised to be a possible side effect of the grief process, but to her it was very real. And she's not a wummin to argue with :-)

  zzzz999 18:03 06 Jan 2012

Scientific method of analyse, test, peer review.

Astronomy and its quantum physicists undertake probably more theoretical analysis, testing and review than any other branch of science right now. Look well qualified to undertake a proper valid analysis.

  spuds 18:50 06 Jan 2012

When you consider that there are thousands or possibly millions of people who are 'believers', then there must be something in it?.

I have a female friend whose father is a well known mediums, who does the circuits on a very regular basis. Asking her or the other sibling of that family, and the views can be very different to that of their father or mother!.

Many years ago, I spoke to a Professor of Psychiatry about the 'world here after', and asked his opinion. The reply he gave was "Do you want my professional opinion or my own opinion". I asked for both, and received two different answers and views?.

Mine own personal views are very opened minded.

  Strawballs 19:49 06 Jan 2012

A friends wife was into spiritualism and when I was round there one day she came home from the shops in a mood and when he asked her what was wrong she snapped back that her spiritualist news was not ther he just laughed at her (not helping with the mood) when she asked him what he was laughing at he just said "you should have known it would not be there"

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