Graham. 00:36 07 Mar 2009

OK, we shouldn't pull people up, but some items keep cropping up:

'there' when they mean 'their'

'there' when they mean 'they're'

'loose' when they mean 'lose'

'ect' when they mean 'etc.'

Sorry, no offence, it's my fault for having a 'proof-reader' brain.

  Quickbeam 00:59 07 Mar 2009

I have the scared knuckles to prove the effective teaching methods of the '60s, it's stuck in my brain after all this time.

Learn or suffer wasn't that bad was it... these young 'uns don't know nuthin'.

  lotvic 01:39 07 Mar 2009


  octal 07:37 07 Mar 2009

In a way I agree, but there are quite a few people who's first language isn't English and they do have difficulty with these words. I work with a French lad and he has only been learning English for a couple of years and he sometimes gets mixed up with these words. It must be very difficult typing into a forum and not having the luxury of having someone looking over your shoulder all the time correcting your spelling.

  BT 07:48 07 Mar 2009

"Scared" or "Scarred" - a bit of both I suppose :o)

  Forum Editor 08:28 07 Mar 2009

and has done for years. Not everyone is able to spell every word correctly, but then not everyone knows the names of all the common flowers, or can cook a great meal, or understand electricity. We're all different, and although it would be wonderful if every post was written perfectly it isn't going to happen.

Lots of people write 'loose' when they mean 'lose' and lots of people scatter apostrophes all over the place, or leave them out altogether. Some people write hundreds of words without any punctuation or upper case letters. The fact is, it's not necessary to write immaculate English on order to express and opinion, or ask for help with a computer problem. We don't want to deter anyone from joining our discussions because they're afraid their writing style might come in for criticism.

  Forum Editor 08:31 07 Mar 2009

I mean my typing error.

  newman35 08:35 07 Mar 2009

"It must be very difficult typing into a forum and not having the luxury of having someone looking over your shoulder all the time correcting your spelling."

Absolutely, but if nobody ever points out errors then they will never learn - as long as it's done in a kind manner (as, surely, we do on this forum) then it can only benefit, and continue the reputation of this being a true 'thinking-man's' discussion place. (Before the PC brigade appear 'thinking-man/woman' !!).

  newman35 08:38 07 Mar 2009

Usually quite easy to distinguish 'typos' from spelling and we al do that from time to tim.

  Pine Man 08:44 07 Mar 2009

...is it that you can prepare your thread, read and check it thoroughly and only after it has been posted can you see all the mistakes?

  carver 08:47 07 Mar 2009

Does it mater if yo cant spell corectly, or put in the corect gramer.

There are people on this site from all over the world, can more than 10% of this sites members even write a sentence in another language and get the spelling correct.

So before you have a go at spelling mistakes try to compose an article in Swedish, or French, I know that I would make so many errors it would be laughable.

As long as the meaning is understandable what more do you want.

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