Spell Checker

  Bingalau 20:41 29 Mar 2012

When I use ieSpell to correct mistakes here. I have noticed that sometimes it corrects the mistake in this window but not in the window below. However if I then delete the wrongly spelled word and retype it then it is o.k. But why doesn't it alter the spelling in both windows?

  Aitchbee 20:52 29 Mar 2012

Methinks, perhaps the computer code is not up to scratch, and needs a (Bingalau error - update), to rectify the matter.

  Bingalau 21:01 29 Mar 2012

I use the spell checker on everything I type and very seldom find a spelling mistake. That's because I don't like to spell words wrongly and so double check. I am sometimes surprised to find that my finger has missed a character somewhere or even missedaspace which once spotted is easily rectified and then I know I am not going to appear as a fool. (My grammar is probably an entirely different matter). But I go on the assumption that if it is readable to me then it must be readable to all and sundry.

I do wish other people would check their spelling though, especially when it concerns the subject heading. May I suggest slowing down and reading through anything typed before hitting that "Post" button.

  TonyV 21:05 29 Mar 2012


I gave up using IeSpell and moved to Speckie. It works fine on both the 32 & 64 bit versions of IE9 with windows 7. Available here Speckie


  john bunyan 22:16 29 Mar 2012


Following your tip I have installed Speckie - but when I delberately mistyped a word - nothing happened. How do you use it here?

  john bunyan 22:25 29 Mar 2012

Now seems to work and I have installed the Great Britain version of English.Thanks again. Bingalau Sorry to barge in!! I have been guilty of hasty posts in the past - especially on Friday nights if posting to Brumas

  Brumas 23:12 29 Mar 2012

john bunyan Bee mi gest ;o}

  john bunyan 23:16 29 Mar 2012


Bees are on anuvver fred. PS the spell checker did point my errors out! It would allow your famous Frayed Knot!!

  TonyV 00:20 30 Mar 2012

john bunyan

You have obviously set it up now. Good. Just as a matter of interest, I have set mine up to highlight the misspelt words and then they are readily visible. Go into Tools on the far RHS of IE9 and click on Speckie settings. You can change a number of things there.



  interzone55 07:56 30 Mar 2012

The spell checker built into Chrome works fine on this site

  john bunyan 08:57 30 Mar 2012


Thanks again; all ok now, including uk dictionary. VMT JB

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