Speeding offence, what now?

  rickf 15:21 02 Mar 2011

Dear All,
I have apparently been caught on camera exceeding the speerd limit and have just received a Notice of Intended Prosecution form which I have to fill in and return. This will be my first traffic offence ever.
What can I expect and can I plead mitigating circumstances? Thanks in advance of quick replies as I would like to attend to this asap.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 02 Mar 2011

If you admit it they will ask for your license to be sent in an you will be fined and endorsed accordingly (3 points).

You can ask for a photo to be sent
If you can prove it wasn't you / your car then no problem.

If you argue and go to court expect a bigger fine / more points.

  birdface 15:40 02 Mar 2011

How fast were you going and what was the speed limit on the road.
If only just over the limit there may be a way out but that would be up to the police.

  Terry Brown 15:50 02 Mar 2011

Welcome to the joys (?) of motoring.


  Blackhat 16:17 02 Mar 2011

click here

Basic advice in the link.
One of my company drivers had the opportunity to do the speed awareness course.

  wids001 16:21 02 Mar 2011

And your insurance will rise!

  Forum Editor 16:28 02 Mar 2011

You face an automatic fine and 3 points on your licence, but.... if you plead guilty to the offence (and you really have no choice) you will almost certainly be offered an option:-

1. Pay a fine and have 3 points on your licence (no need to go to court)


2. Attend a short speed awareness course, and walk out with no fine and no points on your licence.

It's a no-brainer really. Accept the offer of the course, it lasts about three hours, and will be held in a hotel or meeting room near where you live. There's no passing or failing involved, attending the course and paying attention is all that is required.

You'll have to pay a fee for the course, and it's usually a bit more than the fine would be (£80 or so), but well worth it. If you speed during the following 3 years and get caught there will be no such option.

Don't plead not guilty and opt to attend court - if you were caught by a camera there will be photographic evidence, and short of proving you were speeding to save a life there are no mitigating circumstances that will be accepted.

  peter99co 16:31 02 Mar 2011

Was it a fair cop?

Have you any mitigating cicumstances?

Advice: Pay up and Drive in soft shoes instead of heavy boots

  rickf 17:00 02 Mar 2011

Thanks for all the reponses. Will considerb what option to take, pay fine or attend course. Trouble is finding time to attend the course.

  rickf 17:10 02 Mar 2011

Was caught driving at 60 in a 50 limit zone. I feel so STUPID as I am not a reckless driver. Wsa just a momentary thing as I was in a hurry to get home having finished work in London w/o noticing the 50mph limit.. Stupid, stupid!!!

  bremner 17:30 02 Mar 2011

click here for the Metropolitan Police Driver Awareness Course

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