Speeding Fine

  The Brigadier 14:20 13 Nov 2008

Just got caught doing 55Mph in a 40Mph limit.
Presume i can expect 3 points + £60 fine.
Would prefer a Driver Awareness course instead but dont think Surrey Police run them.

1st time in over 25 years driving I have broken the speed limit & got caught.
More luck than skillful driving I think!!

  ray7 14:32 13 Nov 2008

Driver awareness to my knowledge usually applies to @[email protected] over the limit e.g. 35 miles in a 30 mile zone.

I doubt that your transgression would qualify you.

  The Brigadier 14:38 13 Nov 2008

Oh well will bite the bullet, get the points & fine and be more observant in future for mobile speed cameras!

  kjrider 14:44 13 Nov 2008

Just heard about the bloke who got done for speeding.

He was in a hurry, because he was late for his Driver Awareness course!!

  Cymro. 16:10 13 Nov 2008

Get something to warn you when you are approaching a speed camera most sat nav systems have them.

  babybell 16:21 13 Nov 2008

A cheaper option would be to simply stick to the speed limit!

  The Brigadier 16:30 13 Nov 2008

So your the only ones that have never gone over the speed limit then?

  Noldi 17:25 13 Nov 2008

babybell & fourm member

So your the only ones that have never gone over the speed limit then?.

I think if you speed its braking the law and the law is there to save lives. But people that speed from one speed camera to the next are playing a dangerous game. A couple of weeks back I got caught on the motorway at 5 in the morning and I feel quite bad about letting my consentration go and not watch my speed. When i get the ticket I deserve everything they throught at me. here in Switzerland they dont paint cameras bright colours they hide them and rightly so. another piont is here if you are more than 20mph over in a semi built up area its a fine of 20% of your salary.


  Cymro. 17:40 13 Nov 2008

"So your the only ones that have never gone over the speed limit then?"

Don`t go down that road. We have had all this out the other day. I can`t even be bothered to look for the posting concerned.

There are those who will choke on their own hallows on this forum. Never mind we have all been there, or should I have said you and me have been there.

  The Brigadier 17:44 13 Nov 2008


  Cymro. 17:45 13 Nov 2008

I mean those things angels and such like have around their heads. As I don`t have one I don`t need to know how to spell it.

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