Speed warning stickers for wheelie bins

  Seth Haniel 14:52 15 Feb 2009

click here

For one day in the week


  peter99co 14:59 15 Feb 2009

It will brighten the place up a bit. If we all did this though some might get the message.

Our City has different days for different parts so the message would be for five days a week.

We have electronic signs that show your speed and some drivers think it is clever to get a high score. I was walking near the sign the other day and it registered 43. The speed limit is 30!

It is a pity the sign is not a speed camera as well.

  Chris the Ancient 15:13 15 Feb 2009

We also have flashing speed signs where I live. And they move them about occasionally.

Some of the (young?) drivers liked to see just how fast they could go on the road and who could get the highest 'score'.

They soon put in a change to the signs after that! If you go over 30, the sign just flashes "30" as a subtle reminder.

  peter99co 15:19 15 Feb 2009

Maybe I should take photographs of the sign and the offending cars as they pass it and send them by email to the powers that be. Would they use them as evidence or arrest me for improper behaviour. Anyone know?

  natdoor 15:31 15 Feb 2009

We have organised local groups who have been supplied with speed guns by the police/highway authority so that they can monitor speeds on a specific road. The camera evidence is given to the police who isue a series of warning letters to relevant motorists. Such evidence cannot be used for prosecuting drivers but could, I suppose, be used as behaviour to be taken into consideration in fixing the penalty were one to be caught in a police speed trap.

  Seth Haniel 15:45 15 Feb 2009

House number on their bins,

The poor guy at number 30 will gain a lot of bins ;)

  Stuartli 16:03 15 Feb 2009

>>Will they be used as evidence?>>


The scheme mentioned by natdoor is also run in certain areas of my town - any offending drivers caught by the speed guns are normally sent a warning letter, but no prosecutions result.

  octal 16:11 15 Feb 2009

I've see those signs that give the speed which I think is a bit dumb, the ones around our area only flash a red 30mph if you are doing any more than that which I think is a much better idea.

Seth Haniel, that made me laugh.

  User-1229748 16:12 15 Feb 2009

when i read the thread title i thought there were some quick dustmen :o)

  User-1229748 16:15 15 Feb 2009

joking aside you would think that advert where the little girl gets knocked over emphasising the difference between getting hit at just a few mph less would be enough for people to take note.

  The Brigadier 16:48 15 Feb 2009

It's a good idea if it stops speeders!

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