Speed Humps as opposed to Camera's

  freaky 18:51 06 Jul 2006

There two main types: -

a)Raised curved section right across the road.

b)Pyramid shaped with the point removed.

A few years ago I had problems with the tracking on my front wheels going out. The fitter told me the main cause was going over Pyramid humps at the wrong angle. To avoid the problem, you must ensure that one wheel remains on the flat road surface, the other goes over the hump.

If both wheels go over a hump together, then (due to the pyramid shape)the wheels are pushed inward towards each other. This causes mis-alignment of the tracking.

Since following his advice I have had no further problems.

  semag 19:32 06 Jul 2006

Thet wont ever replace cameras they make too much money, just another form of tax.

  Bapou 19:40 06 Jul 2006

Humps were installed recently on the main road running through our estate. Monday night a youngster came onto my side of the road trying to avoid the hump as he came round a bend. Not exactly a near miss but he caused me to brake pretty sharp.

I'd settle for cameras or are they more expensive?

  freaky 20:06 06 Jul 2006

If your tracking is out, and you have to replace the tyres due to uneven wear + charge for setting the tracking. Then this tip will easily offset a speeding fine.

Or, if you are not caught speeding, then it will put more money in your Bank A/C for buying PC goodies and having the PCA mothly DVD instead of the CD version!

  spuds 23:29 06 Jul 2006

Speed humps were introduced to reduce speed, but have you ever witnessed the young 'joy-rider' or the £50 'failed mot' banger owner with no insurance perform !.

  josie mayhem 23:06 07 Jul 2006

Have you ever tried living near one?

Having 2 schools next to me, they installed speeding humps about 2 years ago, fortunealy we don't get much through taffic (except if they shut the main road off) at night you notice the noise more, they speed up to the hump and the slow to go over,then foot on the accelarator to the next hump then slow down or you get the boy racer who just thumps over the lot scraping the front spoilier or there sump....

And when the had a diversion down our road due to drain relaying on the main road it was a complete nightmare....

  SG Atlantis® 08:19 08 Jul 2006

They put far too many bumps round our way, they've have stopped being just considered as effective to everyone detesting their existance. But I suppose they do work to a degree... Our problem was with joyriding, are they going to worry about damaging stolen cars??? I don't think so.

  sunny staines 21:21 08 Jul 2006

speed humps dont dish out fines.

  Jimmy14 21:47 08 Jul 2006

Speed bumps dont earn money like Speed cameras with the £30 and upwards automatic fines sent to people.

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