Speed cameras, beware new ploy by the French!

  Sapins 16:11 04 Sep 2006

A friend has just told me that on the forecourt of a local bus company here, there is what looks like an empty, perhaps abandoned, car parked and inside is a speed camera, there's another a little way outside the town just inside another 50kph limit. Another friend got caught by the same ploy approaching Nantes, this car definitely looked like it had broken down and been pushed to the side of the road. At least with fixed cameras and police operated ones you get some warning, provided you remain alert.

Anyone come across these "traps" yet?

  BigRik 16:19 04 Sep 2006

Not yet, but I'm sure it will only be a matter of time.

  sunny staines 16:38 04 Sep 2006

they also sieze sat navs with french camera POI's installed apparently illeagle in france to have any camera detection equipment. Has any reader had one confiscated?

  bremner 18:08 04 Sep 2006

I investigated this prior to travelling to France where the use of a Speed Trap Detection system is illegal.

However a Sat Nav is NOT a detection system it is just a database of speed cameras and temporay sites and is therefore not illegal.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:18 04 Sep 2006

In 1999 I was caught on the M1 in Northampton over the 70mph speed limit and couldn't figure out how. A few months later I saw a report about the police using dummy maintenance vans parked on the hard shoulder.

At least I learned to slow down...

  amateurann 18:42 04 Sep 2006

On A303 near Chicklade (Wilts) look out for an old police car (used to be an Astra but has changed recently) parked on a BP garage forecourt sometimes on the East side and sometimes on the West. Then look for the speed trap.

  sunny staines 19:12 04 Sep 2006

Thanks for clearing the point.

  Noldi 20:19 04 Sep 2006

This is not a new way of catching speeding motorist in France. For many years if you had seen a car on a French motorway with the boot open and hazards on there is a good chance it was a camera. Another way is the time between tollbooths, but honestly do not chance it with the French Police they are no longer the soft touch they where a few years ago and the fines are now designed to cut speeding


  DieSse 20:54 04 Sep 2006

The Spanish police (Guardia) also use unmarked parked cars to house speed cameras - so beware here too.

Mind you the locals tend to know where and what cars they usually use!

  spuds 21:03 04 Sep 2006

I believe the police have used wheelie bins on the pavement with cameras installed before now, in some continental countries!.

  josie mayhem 21:17 04 Sep 2006

Spotted it while going to the new forest for my hols, and then again in the same posiston on the way back a fortnight later....

Mind you on the way up, the traffiic was so bad even the snails were going faster than the cars!!

I remember my dads lucky escape 25 years (gulp) ago in that area, going towards Sailsbury where you had the long hill with 3 lanes (now 2)going to my brother wedding my dads renault 18 estate that at the time was about 9 months old, fully loaded mum, dad, me and 2 sister our cloths for the weekend and a tumble dryer in boot(wedding present) dad wad doing 100 mph up that hill, until mum wondered what me and twin was looking at (the spedo) did she give him a ticking off and made dad slow down... Lucky though as there was a very nice Jam sandwich sat at the top of the hill.......

No chance of me doing that last month even without the trailer, flippin craweled up that hill....

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