Special Offer from Choice Stationery

  pj123 09:49 20 Jul 2004

Just received an email from Choice. Special offer until end of July.

Epson Unchipped compatible cartridges 6 black and 6 colour for £19.

Epson Chipped compatible cartridges 6 black and 6 colour for £35.

PLUS NEW LOWER PRICES FOR EPSON R300, Photo 950, C64, C70....


All include VAT and postage.

  spuds 16:23 20 Jul 2004

pj123. Shouldn't this be in ConsumerWatch ;o)

It should also be pointed out that these are not the cheapest compatible inks available.For example SASS Computer supplies are selling 8 black and 8 coloured chipped Epson cartridges for £39 i.e £9.75 a pair as opposed to Choices' £11.66.

  pj123 17:22 20 Jul 2004

spuds, I don't know. I didn't class it as a Consumerwatch item more a comment.

ELECTRON99, your arithmatic is slightly out. £35 for 12 = £2.91 each or £5.83 for two. By the same token your offer from SASS is £39 for 16 = £2.44 each or £4.88 for two, so they are still cheaper. I have always used Choice for my consumables but am willing to try others. Do you have a link to SASS?

  Old Shep 17:50 20 Jul 2004

I have an Epson Stylus Photo 925 and always use the original expensive ink. Without hijacking your thread what is the difference between chipped and unchipped compatables? Does this mean my printer has to be chipped, sorry if its a silly question but I do not know.

  Danoh 18:07 20 Jul 2004

Previously a set of 7 compatible cartridges cost me £ 34.96 and a set of 7 original cost £62.65, all incl p&p.

No brainer really.

Thanks for correcting my arithmetic.I still can't get the hang of these new fangled calculator things.
Link for SASS is click here
I would add I have not dealt with this company, but just used it as an illustration of how competitive the ink market is.

It is the cartridge that has the chip built in to monitor ink usage among other things.Your Epson takes chipped cartridges.If you use compatible ones, when you first use your computer, Epson will throw up a message saying you are not using original cartridges.Just click on continue anyway, and you can use the compatible as normal.

  TOPCAT® 22:37 20 Jul 2004

Most suppliers will pay something for empty chipped cartridges too. ;o) TC.

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