Speaking of global warming............

  Forum Editor 01:47 07 Jul 2007

I wonder what the combined carbon footprints of this little lot will be?

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Sitting in front of me in the traffic across Ealing Common this afternoon was a brand-new Mercedes labeled "Live Earth concert VIP shuttle car". No doubt it was shuttling a VIP, but I couldn't help reflecting on the huge energy consumption that is going to take place in the eight countries that are staging these concerts.

  robgf 02:45 07 Jul 2007

I think this type of thing discourages people from trying to be green.
The recent spates of celebrities and politicians filmed flying up to the ice caps and hovering about in helicopters, telling us that we need to cut back, while they perform the most wasteful activities possible.
And "experts" on TV are always telling us to downsize our cars etc and then shown driving around in large executive gas guzzlers.

I try to be green, but often think what's the use.

  Forum Editor 08:41 07 Jul 2007

a green politician.

Amongst other things he's "pledged to protect the health of the Pacific Ocean", which is no mean feat when you think about it.

Perhaps he can talk the US and NATO navies out of using active sonar that kills whales and dolphins. The US navy's new version, called Surtass LFA, has 18 underwater speakers that generate 235 decibels each. That's roughly equivalent to standing alongside an Apollo moonrocket as it hurls itself off the launchpad.

Listen to this sonar from 160 kilometres away and you'll still be blasted with more than 50 times the limit the US allows for its divers. Perhaps it's no coincidence that there have been many instances of entire pods of whales being found dead with severe bleeding from their brains and ears when NATO and US naval exercises take place.

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