Spamming via your email address.

  Forum Editor 17:54 23 Jul 2006

Take a look at this:-

click here

I have been experiencing exactly the same thing for some weeks - has anyone else had the same problem?

  DieSse 18:18 23 Jul 2006

Yes - I've been getting a few more "undeliverables" than usual from strange addresses (often with .ru domains, but not always).

I haven't paid them any attention, as there haven't been loads, so I've just deleted them, knowing that sending addresses can be faked.

  justme 18:32 23 Jul 2006

I too have been getting a few marked as "return to sender". Since the address is one that I use only when I don't want to reveal my normal address I normally just delete everything anyway.

  Woolwell 18:35 23 Jul 2006

I've had this problem for about 2 months. Initially there were many per day and I set up a rule to junk most. Judging from the timing of them and also trying to trace the origin I came to the conclusion that a lot were Eastern European or Middle East including Israel. I am hopefully now down to only a few per day. Spam e-mail bouncing doesn't help the problem
There have been a few threads on this subject.

  walesrob 23:50 23 Jul 2006

Woolwell makes a valid point about spam email bouncing making the problem worse. I also have my own domain, and like others on this thread I've been getting bounce messages, etc. I use Mailwasher and for a while I set all junk email to bounce - this is where spammers get your domain name and use it for spamming. Basically, if Mailwasher bounces an email, it tells the sender your email (or domain) does not exist, and viola, the spammers have a new name to use. Best not to bounce, just delete..

  Forum Editor 00:15 24 Jul 2006

bouncing mail simply adds to the vast quantities of rubbish washing across the internet, which slows everything for all of us.

Please do NOT bounce spam.

  Pegasus. 02:29 24 Jul 2006

Like a Few other forums Members I too have had this problem!

I either Delete the offending Item or (If it looks like it is a particular Nasty one) I send it to the Met Police Office that deals with Porn, Illegal emails & etc (only had to do this with 2 or 3 in the last few Years though!).

  dth 09:24 24 Jul 2006

We get this at work all the time and have had to set up a folder to direct the bounced / undelivered emails.

We were worried that we might end up on a spam blacklist but this are generally made up from ip addresses (rather than email headers) and we have not had a problem so far.

  silverous 09:48 24 Jul 2006

I've had it lots at work and occasionally at home. Not much you can do as far as I know until more secure email protocols are introduced where the sender can be verified.

There has been lots of debate about whether it is better to bounce or not. The argument that says that the "bounce" tells the spammer you are alive assumes that he cares. I understand they get paid or are interested in sending x amount of email, whether you are a 'live one' or not I'm not sure they care too much. It is a bit like the paper boy that dumps their newspapers in a tree, as far as his employer is concerned the papers have been delivered until they find out otherwise ;)

  silverous 09:53 24 Jul 2006

Of course, the FE is right in that it introduces more traffic on the net.

Our spam filter holds spam for users to review and delete/release to themselves. We only tend to bounce 'spam' in the sense that we bounce emails to invalid email addresses whether spam or not and believe me a lot of spam has invalid email addresses on it. If you don't do that, someone getting a genuine email address 'slightly wrong' at your organisation won't know that they've done so unless you review every single email that arrives which is not something we have the resources to do.

Of course, bouncing also causes problems when the originator isn't the actual spammer (as they rarely are) - as with the FE's case, someone who doesn't deserve it gets a shed load of 'spam' (to them) when the bounces come back in.

Some interesting info here:

click here

  silverous 09:54 24 Jul 2006

Also, being the FE on here and occasionally having to deal with troublesome posters probably makes you more of a target if they have your email address. I'm guessing public figures like pop stars, Bill gates etc. have difficult to guess email addresses that they don't give out to to many people to avoid this kind of issue (and others).

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