Spam Torrent

  laurie53 20:10 30 Jun 2009

This is really just for interest, which is why I've posted here and not the Helproom.

Over 300 e-mails in my spam folder this morning, plus another fifty or so in my in-box (both emptied last night) all slagging me off for setting my fire wall to bounce spam.

Nothing since clearing them.

So what's that all about?

  MAT ALAN 20:47 30 Jun 2009

Bouncing spam tells them you are there, its as simple as that...

Just delete DO NOT reply or Bounce....
click here

  laurie53 08:38 01 Jul 2009

I didn't bounce, that's the point.

I always just delete spam, for the reason you suggest.

This lot appeared `totally out of the blue, during one overnight period.

Nothing before, nothing since.

  crosstrainer 12:18 01 Jul 2009

They come in spurts. Most on my main machine (about to be swapped for my new build) are trapped by my ISP. I empty this weekly on the Tiscali web site, and have never had fewer than 300. Most don't make it to my inbox, but when they do, I get 50 or so. As MAT ALAN say's, just delete them, they will disappear for a while, and then another round will start. It's a bit like the junk phone calls. I am registered with the BT exclusion thing, and for 6 months or so it worked fine.

Recently, the calls have started to creep through again. Various courses of action can be taken, but at the end of the day, you just have to put up with a certain amount of this garbage. When my phone indicates "Internationally withheld number" I pick up, then hang up without waiting for a voice....Not sure if it work's, but it's better than listening to some sales bod blabbering on about how much money I could save if I did X.Y,Z :))

  interzone55 16:07 01 Jul 2009

Gmail is pretty good at trapping spam, my main address gets about 15 a day, which are auto-deleted weekly, but I generally check every couple of days for false positives and delete the rest, seen very few false positives in the 5 years I've had the address though.

The reason I mention this is that one day I logged in and there were over 10,000 emails in the spam folder.

When I checked some of them where 18 months old. It seems that even though I'd deleted all the spam they stayed on the server anyway and one morning they were all dumped back in my spam folder.

Google must have some serious storage space if they keep every spam ever sent ready to dump back in unsuspecting users mail box...

  laurie53 19:45 01 Jul 2009

Thanks for the responses.

Like most I normally get about a dozen a day in my spam folder, and two or three a week manage to get to my in box, all deleted regularly.

What I find unusual here is 300+ in an 8 hour period (nothing since), none of them about the usual porn, monet or pharmacy but all berating me for bouncing spam. Some of the headers were identical but different addresses.

Almost like a deliberately targeted flood, but for the life of me I could not imagine why, and I'm not normally paranoid!

  interzone55 19:47 01 Jul 2009

"none of them about the usual porn, monet or pharmacy"

Wow, you get some pretty cultured spam...

  crosstrainer 23:33 01 Jul 2009

Mark all as "Block senders domain"

Then use the online option to empty what does not get through.

Oh, by the way.. As one Welshman to another, Where have you been going online?:))

  laurie53 08:10 02 Jul 2009

Wouldn't want to mislead you - should have read Manet!

  laurie53 08:17 02 Jul 2009

As I've never had spam from these addresses before or since blocking the domain wouldn't achieve much.

All my spam is automatically marked as "Block this address" anyway.

Haven't been anywhere untoward as far as I can remember.

Obviously one of my e-mail addresses was compromised for a while, but since it was just a one off I'll tick this one off.

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