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  morddwyd 09:03 11 Nov 2010

This is prompted by a couple of Lazarus threads which have been spammed, and is really for the FE.

When a commercial site such as this is spammed by a normal commercial UK based enterprise is there any actual legal redress (other than an injunction, of course)?

  lotvic 11:35 11 Nov 2010

I think it's a bit like junk mail you get through your letterbox.

article on spam from theregister dated 2003 about a UK law click here

  Jwbjnwolf 12:57 11 Nov 2010

do you know how to prevent spam coming through gmail as i am appauled by the amount but got lots of things registered to gmail so it would be a nightmare changing it all, also have yahoo mail which is alot better but mentions my 2 names which yahoo done themselves which do not like.

  lotvic 13:13 11 Nov 2010

I'm sure you meant to start your own thread and not hijack someone else's.

Every time someone responds to you on this thread morddwyd will get a notification email about your problem - not fair is it?

  interzone55 16:07 11 Nov 2010

My Gmail account gets loads of spam, every single one of which goes straight in the junk mail folder without bothering me in the slightest.

If you get an email that you feel is spam click the "Report Spam" button and it will go into the junk folder and similar emails from the same sender will follow in due course...

  morddwyd 20:27 11 Nov 2010

"I think it's a bit like junk mail you get through your letterbox."

Not reallyu, that's to a private individual.

I am talking about a commercial site being targeted.

When I was still in business I don't remember any of the business sites being spammed.

  lotvic 21:05 11 Nov 2010

Yes, but this is a forum and we are private individuals. IMHO the spam posts are aimed at us I would think and not at PCA itself.

  lotvic 21:07 11 Nov 2010

sorry posted too quick and missed a bit off.

I meant to add - and for the spammers to grab some free advertising.

  rdave13 21:21 11 Nov 2010

" the spammers to grab some free advertising " and they do so for a short time. Same as any other forums they'll post a spam. Spam will get deleted and they'll spam again.
No 'antibiotic' against these spongers I'm afraid.

To all spammers, I've no intention to apologise to calling your 'good' selves as spongers. Leeches would be a better name I think. May you have nightmares every time you spam as your input is deleted and thought of as immature...
All your 'hard work' turned to an ethernet nothingness......must be satisfying for the peanuts you earn.

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